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Wansview Wireless Security Camera 1080P, WiFi Home Security Indoor Camera for Baby /Elder/ Pet/Nanny Monitor with Night Vision and Two-way Audio-K3 (Black)

Product Description

The Wansview Mini Wi-Fi Camera offers you an easy way to check your home while you’re away. You may access your camera from anytime and anywhere with our free app or through the web. .

Ultimate 1080P HD Video:

Stunning 2.0 Mega pixel video brings you a sense of visual enjoyment . You can transmit high-definition 1980*1080p videos at a steady 30 frames-per-second in real time. Constructed with an antenna to improve both the Wi-Fi connection and the transmission rate, the live stream will display directly to your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, or to the PC application.

Features for Wansview 1080p Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera:

1.Stunning HD 1080P (1920*1080) video at 30fps. Videos and photos can be recorded and playback via local micro SD card( storage up to 128GB ,usually for continuously about 6 days recording) as well as your mobile phone
2. 3 Dbi Antenna for extremely reliable Wifi connection
3.120 degree wide-angle for complete coverage
4.Remarkable two-way audio, talk and listen via mobile App is convenient
5.Night vision up to 20 feet distance, living stream can be seen even in the dark
6.Supports viewing on web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome),phone and tablet.
7.Supports ONVIF 2.0 to 2.5 and compatible with Blue iris or iSpy etc

Important Tips:

1:Wifi requirement
1) 2.4G WiFi, If it is dual band, it is better to hide the 5G WiFi first, after setup, turn the 5G on.
2) WiFi SSID and password cannot contain special characters ‘ and &.
2: Configuration steps
1) Download Wansview APP from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)
2) Power for Camera near your router
3) Add camera
Run the Wansview App, tap “+” and select “Add Cameras Via WiFi Configuration Guide” to set up it step by step.

Price: $39.99

  • QUICK SET WITH 2.4G WiFi: Using “Add Camera Via Wi-Fi configuration Guide” via Wansview App on your mobile phone so as to connect your Wi-Fi with wansview 1080p camera step by step, no complicated setting needed of this wireless surveillance camera.Important tips before connection:IP/Network-2.4GHz Wireless(Incompatible with 5GHz). If your router supports both band, please close the 5GHz wifi connection.
  • MINI SECURITY CAMERA: Wansview WiFi camera is Super slim(lengh:60mm wide:60mm) but comes with 9.8 feet power cord far enough to reach faraway power socket( NO BATTERY inside need direct power supply). Easily mount on your wall, ceilling or table. And Micro SD card (max 128GB supported) for video recording and playback.
  • WIDER VISION & MULTI-VIEW: Remarkable view with super wide 120 degree viewing angle, with an adjustable base, you can manually adjust the viewing angle, use one wansview wireless camera to capture an entire room without ever having to pan or tilt. Mult-view for several home cameras monitoring at the same screen, so you won’t need to switch one camera to another to check what happening for a certain camera.
  • EXCELLENT DAY /NIGHT VISION & CRYSTAL TWO WAY AUDIO: Intelligent IR-Cut switch ensures clear and high quality images day and night. Four IR leds, night vision up to 20 feet in pitch dark. Built-in Mic and Speaker offer you a smooth conversation with your family at anytime, anywhere with your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  • EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Supports remote viewing via iOS/Android mobile devices, Windows PC, Apple Mac system and web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome supported).IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO service2@wansview.com or CALL +1 6018063192 on 6 PM ~ 3 AM (PST) Monday-Friday. Free return & exchange service within 60 days and free technical assistance. Our friendly and effective after-sale service will put your worries aside.


liquid painting is an underexplored painting medium that is based on TRANSFORMATION and the journey is documented with a camera.

that is, a painting becomes like a movie and the photos of the movie are like clips from the reel.

i first started LIQUID PAINTING about five years ago. i was painting dahlias and was impressed by their basic architecture.

and then i wondered what it would be like if they exploded. and in turn, how a dahlia exploding could become a nonviolent metaphor for the life of a human.

but the drawback to this metaphoric interpretation was that it looks like endless wallpaper samples in every imaginable color palette ever created.

so it was good for that — making every possible color combination in time and light with tones, shades and tints.

and almost no one works with the entire color spectrum inside every piece. this is because the whole color spectrum in every piece is a bit like a circus. it confuses the eye and makes it very difficult for the viewer to find a centralized focus.

after all, that is the PURPOSE of limited color palettes.

commercialism knows this better than anyone these days.

in an attempt to explain these sorts of things to my best friend (who really never listens much to me at all — which is wonderful, albeit frustrating in rare moments), i gave up with words and started to just make paintings.

we’d just been to a monet show at the legion of honors and i was trying to explain how so many ideas people had about IMPRESSIONISM was based on criticism and not experience.

for example, most people don’t understand how much PHOTOGRAPHY and the camera obscura had affected people’s ways of seeing.

i’ll post that essay down below so as not to have to repeat it all here.

suffice it to say that the dagguerreotype had left the painter with two realities that couldn’t be ignored:

the first — the deletion TECHNIQUE

the second — there is no black in reality.

the first technique liberated the painter’s eye from FAITHFULNESS to actuality.

it allowed the SUGGESTION of something to be something. APERTURES could only focus on select objects.

painters had never explored this before in their work.

suddenly the idea of a tree was more powerful than the most PERFECTLY REVEALED tree.
and this was mad crazy and powerful.

i have started a BANNER STYLE form of photography that explores this concept.


beyonvisibility uses the banner length of the horizontal image to create collages of related subject matter.

for example, GENTRIFICATION in san francisco is like a war. you can’t see this in single photos. but when you see the work sites from multiple vantage points, the reality of something and what’s in between in it time and space becomes correlated to MEANING.

and that is the power of the camera. it is a WEAPON of surveillance and perspective.

sidenote — this is EXACTLY why cops with bodycams is not a great idea.

the SINGLE POINT OF VIEW PERSPECTIVE is literally incredibly fking deceptive.


it’s a total hoax.

anyway, those were the two gifts of the camera that transformed painting.

no one really jumped into the philosophy or gave much credit to the camera.

but it was the camera that MADE IMPRESSIONISM.

and as i was drawing my IMPRESSIONS of impressionism, i realized that there were deeper underlying tenets that also gave credence to impressionism.

the first one was a PRE-ELECTRIC world.
the advent and access of/to electricity changed the world.

but before this change, the impressionists, who were desperately trying to get their work into the homes of the rich and famous (aren’t we all!), figured out that the brighter the light on a painting was, the better it could look inside a non-lit interior home space.

so it was FUNDAMENTALLY a sales tactic to brighten and lighten indoor spaces.

and what sells with these conditions?


and this is the big secret.

it dawned on me quite naturally in the process of trying to STORYTELL the color issues.

and just so you know, the color issues are about TONES.

before the impressionist era no wide school of art had realized just how many millions of new pixels you could get if you mixed different shades of gray with prima chroma.

take a very white gray and mix it with a hint of yellow or brown and your sky will light up like it was on fire.

if you just use white and the prima chroma, you’ll get a tint, which will never feel ELECTRIC like a a prima chroma that is mixed with a TONE.

anyway, the cinematic quality of storytelling with people and an imaginary land where it never gets cold and women can walk around anywhere they want at any time of day without being raped or harmed or affected by male monsterness gave way to the birth of the Dopaquel Peninsula.

the Dopaquel Peninsula is the land of antipsychotic tranquility.

all the villages and landmarks and rivers and places are named after popular antipsychotics.
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