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ViewSonic VX2252MH 22″ 2ms 1080p Gaming Monitor HDMI, DVI, VGA

Product Description
ViewSonic’s VX2252mh is a 22″ (21.5″ viewable) Full HD, glossy-finish display that offers the ultimate visual experience for gaming and multimedia entertainment. The VX2252mh features ClearMotiv II technology that delivers 2ms ultra-fast response times for blur-free images during extreme gaming, and an ultra-high 50M:1 MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio for sharp, crisp color performance for enjoying movies. Integrated D-sub, DVI and HDMI inputs provide flexible connectivity for high-definition multimedia devices and gaming consoles, and dual built-in 2W stereo speakers complete the package for multimedia enjoyment. With a VESA-mountable design, the VX2252mh can also be used as a wall-mounted display for any of your gaming and video entertainment needs. A 3-year limited warranty and the industry’s best pixel performance policy make the VX2252mh a great long-term investment.

Price: $118.88

  • FORM & FUNCTION: With modern design, and Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution, this monitors look as good as it performs
  • GAME ON: An arsenal of pre-set customizable visual modes keeps you ready for gaming and multimedia entertainment
  • MAXIMIZED COLOR & CONTRAST: MEGA Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers sharp, crisp images
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: The VX2252MH supports laptops, PCs, and Macs with HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING WARRANTY: 3-year coverage with access to our US-based customer service team
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: LCD Monitor, Power Cable, DVI Cable, VGA Cable, and Audio Cable

Iced tea at Georgia’s, version 2
This is an edited version of the original photo, which you can see here. I wanted to reduce the dark shadows on the woman’s pants, so you could see more detail there … but I may have taken away too much of the shadow on her face. I’ll let you be the judge…

This was taken at the deli/bakery (Georgia’s, click here for details) on the southwest corner of 89th & Broadway. This woman was sitting alone, staring into space with a dreamy look on her face, and she would have appeared much more photogenic if I could have moved my camera a little faster and snapped the picture. But then a waiter appeared, bring what turned out to be a glass of ice tea; and he obscured my view of her for a couple moments while he was setting it down. But the time he got out of camera range, she had picked up her cell phone, and was calling someone … perhaps to report on the arrival of her ice tea…

This is an evolving photo-project, which will probably continue throughout the summer of 2008, and perhaps beyond: a random collection of "interesting" people in a broad stretch of the Upper West Side of Manhattan — between 72nd Street and 104th Street, especially along Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.

I don’t like to intrude on people’s privacy, so I normally use a telephoto lens in order to photograph them while they’re still 50-100 feet away from me; but that means I have to continue focusing my attention on the people and activities half a block away, rather than on what’s right in front of me.

I’ve also learned that, in many cases, the opportunities for an interesting picture are very fleeting — literally a matter of a couple of seconds, before the person(s) in question move on, turn away, or stop doing whatever was interesting. So I’ve learned to keep the camera switched on (which contradicts my traditional urge to conserve battery power), and not worry so much about zooming in for a perfectly-framed picture … after all, once the digital image is uploaded to my computer, it’s pretty trivial to crop out the parts unrelated to the main subject.

For the most part, I’ve deliberately avoided photographing bums, drunks, drunks, and crazy people. There are a few of them around, and they would certainly create some dramatic pictures; but they generally don’t want to be photographed, and I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of them. I’m still looking for opportunities to take some "sympathetic" pictures of such people, which might inspire others to reach out and help them. We’ll see how it goes …

The only other thing I’ve noticed, thus far, is that while there are lots of interesting people to photograph, there are far, far, *far* more people who are *not* so interesting. They’re probably fine people, and they might even be more interesting than the ones I’ve photographed … but there was just nothing memorable about them.

Note: for some reason, this photo was published as part of the illustrations for a Jun 2009 Squidoo blog titled Foot Tattoo Pics www.squidoo.com/foot-tattoo-pics I have no idea why — after all, you can’t even see this woman’s feet! It was also published as part of the illustrations for a Jun 2009 Squidoo blog titled Tattoos of Girls. It was also published in a June 2009 "Istanbul Trails" blog titled "See How Easily You Can Get My Personal Guidance during Your Stay in Istanbul." And it was published in a blog titled "Things to Do During a Heat Wave."

Moving into 2010, the photo was published in a May 25, 2010 blog whose title, when translated from the Italian, is "I suspect betrayal: women spy more than men, with the help of new technologies." It was also published in an Oct 27, 2010 blog titled "Top 5 Location-Based Services [Mashable Awards]." And a tightly-cropped version of the photo was published in a Nov 6, 2010 blog titled "Distraction."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a May 17, 2011 PunchCut blog titled "Uncovering Context With Mobile Diary Studies." And it was published in an Oct 6, 2011 Great Cell Cellphone Circumstance pictures blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written here on this Flickr page. It was also published in an Oct 6, 2011 Tolle Crazy Computer blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written here on this Flickr page. And a tightly cropped version of the photo was published in an Oct 20, 2011 blog titled "Social Networking on Mobile Devices Skyrockets." It was also published in a Nov 17, 2011 Getting a Tattoo blog.

Moving into 2012, the photo was published in a Feb 20, 2012 blog titled " [Infographic] More than 50% of Connected Consumers Are Females in Their 40s." It was also published in a Feb 17, 2012 blog titled "Sweet Mobile! Now What? Part 4 — User Context." And a heavily cropped version of the photo (showing only the subject’s hand, smartphone, and glass of iced tea) was published in a Mar 13,2012 blog titled "Social Web sollte auch social seine!" It was also published in a Mar 22, 2012 blog titled "Relationships Trump Google." And it was published in a May 29, 2012 blog titled "The Best Apps to Help you Balance Your Home and Work Life." It was also published in a Jun 15, 2012 blog titled "Direct voordeel, vertrouwen en context bepalen succes van mobile marketing." And it was published in a Jun 20, 2012 blog titled "Nice Advantages Of Mobile Marketing Photos."

Moving into the second half of 2012, the photo was published in a Jul 16, 2012 blog titled "Meaningful Communication in a Disconnected World." It was also published in an Aug 27, 2012 blog titled "Yelp Better: Local Search App To Find Retail Social Enterprises." And it was published in an Oct 16, 2012 blog titled "Best Way to Keep App Users Engaged: Build a Good One." It was also published in a Nov 16, 2012 blog titled "Using Images to Shape Online Identity." And it was published in a Dec 21, 2012 blog titled "僕のブログ更新に利用しているアプリ5選を紹介しましょう!"

Moving into 2013, the photo was published in a Jan 7, 2013 blog titled "The mobile world is maturing fast." It was also published in a Jan 14, 2013 blog titled "Crowdfunding options abound – Search Engine Watch." And it was published in a Jan 16, 2013 blog titled "Forrester: Mobile Commerce to Quadruple to $31 Billion in Next 5 Years," as well as a Jan 16, 2013 Mashable blog titled "7 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses." It was also published in a Jan 24, 2013 blog titled "2012, el año en que la telefonía comenzó a cambiar." And it was published in an undated (early Feb 2013) Mashable blog titled "Job Recruiters Lack Mobile Edge, Study Says." It was also published in a Feb 12, 2013 blog titled "Amazon, Apple, and yes, Victoria’s Secret dominate the mobile shopping satisfaction ratings," as well as a Feb 12, 2013 blog titled "BYOD Roundup: Top 10 BYOD Tips, 4 BYOD Policy No-Nos and Surprising BYOD Stats." And it was published in a Feb 27, 2013 blog titled "A marketing trend to watch out for: Location-based targeting." It was also published in a Mar 4, 2013 blog titled "These 11 Apps Will Supercharge Your Personal Life," as well as a Mar 7, 2013 blog titled Why retail is moving to live engagement on mobile" and a Mar 7, 2013 blog titled "Ambient Intelligence: Sensing a Future Mobile Revolution." It was also published in an Apr 1, 2013 blog titled "Facebook Offers Brings ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Remind Me’ Options to Mobile," as well as an April 3, 2013 blog titled "7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter," and an Apr 3, 2013 blog titled "Latest mobile and m-commerce stats." And it was published in a Jul 16, 2013 blog titled "Online customer experience in the post PC age." It was also published in a Sep 24, 2013 blog titled "3 Essentials for Great Mobile SEO." And it was published in a Nov 18, 2013 blog titled "Plugging In and Tuning Out."

Moving into 2014, the photo was published in a Jan 7, 2014 blog titled "Écrire sur smartphones ou tablettes ? La moitié des utilisateurs de Wattpad l’a fait." It was also published in a Feb 23, 2014 blog titled "Why Understanding Your Social Media Audience is Important." And it was published in a May 7, 2014 blog titled "How to convert social media followers into customers." It was also published in a Jul 30, 2014 blog titled "A shocking lack of zen/."

Moving into 2015, the photo was published in an undated (mid-April) blog titled "How to Reduce Data Usage When Browsing the Web on a Smartphone." It was also published in a Mar 18, 2015 blog titled "How to be Connected but not Addicted to Social Media." And it was published in an Apr 20, 2015 blog titled "http://www.bidgroup.org/blog/" It was also published in an undated (late May 2015) blog titled "Should Parents Use Cell Phones to Monitor Teens?"
By Ed Yourdon on 2008-07-15 16:30:59

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

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  1. When taking pictures of people outdoors, it’s often necessary to add some sort of fill light on faces. Otherwise, they are just too dark. At least, I find the need to do that with my pictures.

  2. Hi Ed Yourdon, we would like to use this image for our educational book. I hope this is okay. Thank you in advance

  3. Yes, as long as it’s a non-profit/non-commercial publication, it’s fine for you to use the image.

  4. I notice the skin tone effect too, but generally I think this photo works much better than the over-shadowy version. This version turns my head whereas the shadow one doesn’t. I don’t think it is all directly off the table — look at the column and the bag behind her, lower than the table.

    Can you adjust saturation selectively, rather than across the entire photo? (I know my Capture NX2 allows such things, I would expect Adobe products to have excellent approach.) I wager this one is the keeper though.

  5. brown_pelican,

    Wow — thanks for all the detailed observations and suggestions. As I said to someone recently, "If your only tool is a hammer, all of your problems look like nails." When I first took this photo last summer, I was doing almost all of my photo-editing in Apple’s simple iPhoto program, which had no ability to deal with shadows. I focused primarily on cropping, rotating, and adjusting the color-saturation, and only occasionally tried increasing (or decreasing) the overall exposure of the entire photograph.

    But now I’m using Apple’s Aperture program, which has many (perhaps most) of the abilities of Photoshop — including the ability to adjust the level of shadows in a photo that may have somewhat tricky lighting. All of a sudden, I can do things I never realized were possible before; and while it’s very rewarding to be able to make some improvements on old photos, like this one, my tendency is to devote most of my energy to using such tools (and several other things I’ve learned recently) to make my new photos much better.

    Looking back on some of the photos I took in the 1970s through the 1990s, I sometimes wonder if it was the same person holding the camera. I’m somewhat embarrased by the technical aspects of my older work, but on the other hand, it’s nice to know that you can get better with training, practice, and better technology…


  6. [https://www.flickr.com/photos/macanthony] Okay, great! If you upload a photo of your painting, I would love to see it!

  7. By lightening the photo, it almost becomes a bit more … searching for a word… artistic? The hues of pink (reflected by the table?) become more dominant. Her skin becomes more pink. Both versions are good 🙂

  8. Thanks for this great and very effective picture. I used it and credited you on my blog: ohiogrowthsummit.com/blog/need-understand-social-media-au…

  9. Mark,

    Thanks for the observation. At first I thought the excessive skin tone had come from my usual tendency to oversaturate my photos — but it turns out that I didn’t increase the saturation/vibrancy at all. Still, perhaps I should deliberately under saturate it a bit, to make her skin tone look more natural… alas, work beckons and I’ll have to put away my photography hobby until late this evening or tomorrow…

  10. Contagious Content,

    No problem — thanks for letting me know!

    Ed Yourdon

  11. fantastic .. !
    beautiful subtle rose tones ..

  12. This edited version is far superior, imho, to the other photo. I enjoy the brightness and the details that emerge, lost in the other image. In this case, also, I enjoy the color cast–makes it more "New York"-like, if that makes sense. Also, more contemporary in feel, as she texts while reading. The star tattoo, great capture and important detail the image. I like the color flow through the composition which has good structure. The shadows on the wall create a nice balance to the figure, and the light there nice. Beautiful triangle of Rembrandt light under her left eye. Also very nice edge light on her nose, and angle of light across the lips and chin. I also like that this photo is more intimate, a tighter shot, than many of your other images. My personal preference is to try slight brightness adjustment rather than fill, which seems to deaden tones to me. But I have a lot to learn, and no expertise there. Her temple seems a bit posterized, but the mood of the photo is more important.

  13. Thanks for sharing this photo via CreativeCommons! It was just perfect for our media company blog – blog.media-company.eu

  14. Well, no offence to her, but she is not my idea of a pretty girl

  15. Georgia on my mind…

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this photo. I have used it on our expert blog when talking about optimised websites and their effect on consumer behaviour pcrweb.co.uk/insight/let-consumer-decide

  17. Hi Ed, I have used this picture at contagiouscontent.co.uk/index.php/video/inspiring/603-can… I hope this is ok if not please let me know asap and I will remove it. Thankyou very much, great picture.

  18. Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to seeing the article when you’ve finished creating it.

  19. [https://www.flickr.com/photos/macanthony] Yes, of course. However, I don’t think you can use the painting for any commercial purpose — because it would probably be considered a "derivative work," and I do not have any kind of formal signed "model release" from the woman in the photo. (Indeed, I have no idea who she is.)

  20. Love the image.. I’ve used it and attributed it on my blog here – stickysmartphone.tumblr.com/post/14301577438/using-analyt…

  21. orcmid,

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I should definitely check my available photo-editing tools (Photoshop Elements and Apple’s Aperture) to see if they allow selective adjustment of saturation…

  22. Thanks for the comments and observation; I agree with you. Sadly, it’s rare that I can expect a viewer to spend the time and energy to look at two different versions of a photo. So I usually end up wrestling with several different variations on a single image (e.g., shot from different angles, different perspectives, and — most recently — different exposures, or different levels of shadow) in order to choose just one for presentation to anyone who might be interested.

    I guess I can find solace in knowing that most other photographers go through the same difficult process…

  23. Love the capture! We have an ESL writing site serving Japan at www.aaroncoaches.com/. We are making writing materials about cell phones, thinking that we would like to use this photograph there. If we use it, we will be in touch with the URL so you can see it. We would also like to say thank you and express our appreciation for making this shot available with the Creative Commons license.

  24. I much prefer this version. I think the highlights on her face are a bit too pink, however.

  25. May I paint this?

  26. of course we will mention you and the source

  27. Thanks! I won’t use it for any commercial purposes.

  28. Michael,

    I just learned about fill flash a couple months ago, in a weekend photo class. I’ve tried it a couple times, and it does seem to help — and perhaps I should be doing it more often…

  29. See — there’s an example of a "pretty girl", of whom there are so many in NYC. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just something I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye as I walked past…

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