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Pix-Star ten Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photograph Frame with IPS large resolution show, E mail, Apple iphone iOS and Android application, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black)

Product Description
The most recent member of the Pix-Star loved ones, this 10 Inch Wi-Fi frame doubles the internal storage to 8 GB (30, 000 images) and has an extraordinary 1024×768 pixel IPS show, Brightness: three hundred cd/m2 (700:1). Say hi to your new go to present. Best for grandma and the entire household!

Price: $154.ninety nine

  • Amazing higher resolution photo and video clip viewing experience on a 9. 7 inch (24. 6 cm) IPS screen, 1024×768 pixels, 4: 3 ratio. Easily control the body remotely and link up to 25 frames from a single one on the internet account, completely Totally free.
  • Easy set-up: Wi-Fi enabled (2. four GHz only, five GHz network not supported). Set up in a few of minutes. 8GB interior memory (about thirty, 000 photos), supports USB adhere, SDHC and SDXC playing cards. Movement sensor automatically turns on/off the display when you enter and exit the room.
  • Video and picture sharing by e mail or by way of the Pix-Star app (iOS and Android) on your smartphone. The best gift to share photos quickly with your loved types all around the globe. Remotely check out and handle the pictures on your linked frames employing the Pix-Star web site account at no added demand with no concealed expenses, at any time.
  • It goes the two ways! Ship pictures from your frame to an specific or many e mail addresses directly from the body.  Friends and household can share photos to and from the Pix-Star Wi-Fi frame from everywhere in the globe.
  • Show your social media photographs by accessing on the internet pictures from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, a single generate, Flickr, Google Drive, Google Pictures, 23Snaps and much more.
  • Receive everyday climate forecasts for countries and towns of your decision. Lifetime assist and prolonged 2-year constrained incorporated.

Digital Body
By evansonline on 2006-ten-08 19:forty six:31

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Electronic Photo Body with IPS higher resolution display, E mail, Apple iphone iOS and Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black)?

  1. 275 of 277 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Just the thing for an older relative (who has Wi-Fi), May 30, 2017

    By Beth Gray (Lebanon, Ohio)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black) (Electronics)

    I bought this frame as an early Father’s Day gift for my dad, who is going to be 81 this year. He loves having photos of his kids and grandkids all around him. He tapes them up all over his kitchen with scotch tape, and the walls and cabinets are full. In less than 20 minutes, we had the frame set up and connected and he was emailing himself his favorite photos off his iPhone6. He loved seeing his favorites on the big screen of this Pix-Star 15-inch frame. When he realized he could type “captions” by describing the photo in the subject line of each email, he was thrilled. Next, I texted all my siblings and a few grandkids who have phones, and they started sending him photos right away. He loved it. We spent some time changing the transitions and intervals, and he learned how to look at older photos that we put on an SD card. He’s a little shaky on that part (changing the slideshow from his email “inbox” to the SD card), but he’ll get it. The only suggestion I would have is to put words on the buttons of the remote control, in addition to symbols. He’s not very good at figuring out what each symbol means, but again, he’ll pick it up. I so often give him gifts that just don’t quite work out (too techie for him or not quite what he would want). But this frame was PERFECT. I would simply recommend that the gift be given in person if it is for an older relative, so the set-up can be done for them.

  2. 387 of 390 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Picture perfect gift idea to stay connected, August 10, 2015


    Andrea Polk (Pacific Northwest – USA)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black) (Camera)

    When searching for a birthday gift for my 77 year old mother I happened upon this digital photo frame. I liked it because of the 10″ size and for the WiFi capabilities. When I read that the frame would be paired with a unique email address so that anyone with the address and authorization could send the frame photos I was sold on it as a gift idea.

    The frame also has the ability to play music from a micro SD card, or via preset Internet radio stations of various genres. The ability of the frame to receive voice messages and videos was also a selling point, and justification enough for me to spend a bit more than anticipated on this item.


    The frame seems well made and has VESA mounting holes on the back of it, so that the frame could easily be mounted to a wall. It ships with an AC power adapter and a metal dowel (pictured to the back of the frame) which props it on a desktop. The frame is about the same size as a standard 8×12″ frame, and not much thicker.

    There is a remote in the box with two AAA batteries. Install the batteries before powering on the unit if you want to use it with the frame to set it up. There are also buttons on the back of the frame to navigate the menu if the remote is lost or out of batteries.

    The on/off switch on the back of the frame is a little tough to see, but once you plug in the AC and flip that switch to ‘on’, the frame starts setting itself up by showing you an onscreen menu.

    You will need your WiFi password to connect the frame to wireless internet; on which most of the functions of the frame will rely. After entering the password on my Mom’s frame, the photos I’d sent to it began to immediately populate the screen.

    NOTE: You can setup the email account for the frame ahead of time if giving it as a gift, and add or remove photos as desired both via a PC on the Pix-Star website, or on the photo frame itself.



    1. It’s super easy to setup and works as promised.

    2. The pictures look great on the screen – true colors and great resolutions (if the photos also had this).

    3. The internet radio and music via micro SD card feature is really nice to have in addition to the ability to add external speakers.

    4. The onscreen Menu interface is clear and easy to use.

    5. You can email photos downloaded to the device to other people, with the frame, which makes a computer unnecessary for the frame user.

    6. The remote is easy to use, with clear navigation.

    7. Friends and family can sent photos, videos and audio messages to the frame with ease using the FREE Pix-Star Snap apps for iOS and Android and via email (also free).

    8. No hidden charges or fees for the Pix-Star service!

    9. Internal storage on the device is very good, and you can add more with a micro SD card (not included). With 300 pictures and a voice message, only 3% of the internal storage was being used.

    10. Easy to see date and time feature.

    11. Lots of Settings that allow for personalization of how you view photos; as singles or in various collage styles, and in varying speeds and with various transitions.

    12. Weather info is useful and up-to-date with web based interface.

    13. Social media can be connected to the frame so that pictures posted on sites like Facebook, can also automatically be sent to the frame.

    14. Photos that the user doesn’t want on the frame can easily be deleted in the Settings Menu.

    15. High capacity internal storage means not having to worry about sending too many photos to the device, and if it does get ‘too full’ it’s simple to go online to take photos off the frame without losing them. I think the max is something like 20,000 photos without any additional storage added, which for most users will be more than enough.



    – Build quality seems good, but not ‘high-end’. Time will tell how it holds up with continued use.

    – Backlighting on the remote would be a useful addition.

    – The games are not really a useful addition as the remote control is the only way to navigate them without a touchscreen interface.

    – The instructions that come with the frame are a little confusing, but I found that going to the Pix-Star website and clicking ‘Support’ and ‘Knowledge Base’ was helpful. This address: pixstar.uservoice.com/knowledgebase is a good place to check if you have questions as to the functionality of your frame.

    – The option to untether from the AC power and go on battery power would be nice.



    The ability to easily send photos via PC, smartphone or tablet to…

    Read more

  3. 1,060 of 1,062 people found the following review helpful

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic Frame! Newer models allow for HUE correction., February 11, 2016

    By Knitter (Quito, Ecuador)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black) (Camera)

    This a fantastic frame!

    I did a lot of research into which frame to buy and I was overwhelmed with the features of the Pix-Star frames. But, for all the bells and whistles, you buy a Digital Photo Frame to see pictures as if you were framing them to showcase in your home. So, picture quality was my topmost priority.

    That is where some of the reviews drew my attention away from the brand, specifically two issues:
    * resolution (800×600 seemed a little low), and
    * color temperature (many reviews claimed blue tint on most pictures compared to other devices like tablets and phones)

    As for issue #1, the 10.4 inch model has a resolution of 800×600, which, at the screen size, results in a 96dpi display. That matches the resolution of many LCD or LED monitors where you work on every day. For those looking into the 15″ model, the dpi is a little less actually, even though the pixel count is higher, that is why I chose the 10″. Of course, if you put your face a couple of inches away from the frame you will see the pixels, but at the normal viewing distance of 3 feet (1 meter), the frame’s resolution is more than adequate, specially if the source image comes from a good source like a DSLR or a back-camera from a modern phone. Selfies and other images taken with lower-end cameras do suffer a bit more. Still, I deducted half a star because I really would have hoped for a 1024×800 or so display. I believe it would bring a lot of POP to the images.

    As for issue #2, I found a very useful post on Pix-Star website that claimed that as of November 2015 all models allow for HUE correction. I hopped for the best and ordered hopping that amazon would ship the newer model and, certainly enough, I got one with the HUE correction options (and the motion sensor). Still, the corrections are very ‘broad’ and I was unable to match my pro-grade DELL monitor factory calibrated color, but I was able to bring the much needed warmth to the skin tones quite a bit. Still, I shaved another half a star because, while now pleasing to the eye, the images still lack a bit of warmth. Perhaps a setting for cool – neutral – warm tones could be implemented via a firmware in the future?

    Still, the image quality is very, very good. Adding a little saturation and a little hue shift made the images much more natural and brought back the ‘pop’ that is reported as missing in some of the earlier reviews.

    One issue that is reported on the online reviews is the light bleed on the edges. I have to report that this is, sadly, true. While not at all an issue on a full image that fills the frame, if the image is in the opposite orientation and you are left with black stripes, the light bleed on the borders is very visible, specially if the ambient light is dim or null. If the ambient light is strong, it is hardly visible. That said, this does not detract on the quality of the image, but makes for a distraction at times. Not enough of an issue to hold my enthusiasm for the product.

    As for features, the Pix-Star is, by far, the best choice. In very little time I was able to put in a USB drive or SD card with my pictures, create the mail account to start sending photo emails to the device, and hooked up my favorite Facebook albums and my Google Drive folders where I keep my professional DSLR pictures. You can set the frame to show them all at once: local storage, memory cards, web albums (the only functionality not available in ‘combo’ view is the DLNA server approach, but I believe its an understandable compromise, I much rather have that option as well).

    I really believe this is the frame to go to. The Pix-Star site came as very intuitive, and the service is very interesting. I cannot help but to applaud the fact that they have replied to or helped almost all of the negative reviews here with genuine intention of helping and not just ‘getting the issue out of the way’.

    Kudos to the company for such a dedication to customers.

    I would buy another one for my new home and gift others to my family if money were not an issue. The pix-star is also on the pricier side when comparing similar offerings, but I believe all the features more than make up for the price tag.

    Very happy with the purchase. Hope this review helps others that are on the fence as I was. It really is a great choice.

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