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HP 2016 Model 23 inch ES Series Ultrafast ~ IPS Full HD (1920×1080) ~ LED Monitor ~ HDMI, VGA, Tiltable ~ Silver

Product Description
This Gorgeous looking, stunning full HD IPS LED monitor (Offered by dealz-4all inc.) is a ready to perform personal and professional environment.

Price: $173.00

  • Ultrafast 7 ms response time ; Allows pixels to change colors quickly to avoid streaking, blurring and ghosting in fast-moving scenes and video games / 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz Delivers crystal-clear picture quality with stunning detail.
  • 23″ antiglare widescreen flat-panel LED monitor Provides a large viewing area and clear images / 250 cd/m² brightness For a highly visible display and crisp on-screen images.
  • 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1000:1 typical) Provides a high number of shades between black and white for accurate color reproduction when displaying images with extreme differences between light and dark.
  • 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles Ensure a clear view of the monitor from multiple vantage points / HDMI and VGA inputs Allow you to connect to a wide range of digital and analog devices.
  • ENERGY STAR certified. Package includes: Monitor, HDMI cable, Documents.

Image from page 168 of “Canadian forest industries 1880-1881” (1881)
Title: Canadian forest industries 1880-1881
Identifier: canadianforest188081donm
Year: 1881 (1880s)
Subjects: Lumbering; Forests and forestry; Forest products; Wood-pulp industry; Wood-using industries
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Southam Business Publications
Contributing Library: Fisher – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
THE CANADA LUMBERMAN. 3 Canadian. The Parry Sound mill commenced sawing on the 6th of April. Building operations in Montreal during the summer promise to be exceedingly active. The rate from Brockville to Oswego is 90 cents per 1,000. The average rate for lumber from Toronto to Oswego seems to be $1.25 per 1,000. The harbor of Duluth is not expected to open before the middle of May. 8,000,000 feet of lumber awaits the opening of navigation to be shipped from Parry Sound. Godekich rates are quoted fifty per. cent, higher than last year, and a charter has been made. The schooner Denmark has been loaded with timber at Toronto—an unusual proceeding as it is generally rafted. A gentleman who arrived at Ottawa from the Black river on the 22nd of April, reports a foot of snow there. The saw mill owned by Alex. Carson, at Gorrie, was destroyed by fire on the morning of the 23rd April. Loss, $4,000; no insurance. A fibe in Hall & Brown’s lumber-yard, Ber- lin, Ont., on the 18th April, destroyed $300 worth of lumber before it was subdued. The steam barge Tecurnseh, has been charter- ed to take ties from Cockburn Island to Chicago at 10 cents each and cedar posts at 6^ cents each. The shipment of lumber from the Chaudiere docks commenced on Monday last. The quan- tity to be shipped promises to be larger that that of any previous season since 1872. The scow Onward, of Buffalo, has been chartered to carry five loads of about 160,000 feet each, from Port Hope to Wilson and Oak Orchard, N.Y., at the rate of $1.50 per 1,000. Three lumber barges are being built at Lud- ington, each 168 feet long, 36 feet beam on deck and 8| feet deep in centre. They are to be tow- ed by a steam barge and will carry 600,000 feet of lumber. Fourteen lots of hop-poles, sufficient to make many car loads, have been deposited along the railway track east of the Trenton station. The poles are the property of Messrs. Rathbun & Son, and are intended for shipment southwards. American. The Chicago Tribune says if the cheap rates on the railroads are continued, vessels may have to accept 4 cents per bushel for wheat to Buffalo. The Grand Rapids lumbering firm operating in Kent county, h&s bought a Monitor portable farm engine to use in loading logs upon cars in the pineries.—Detroit flews. Hiram Sibley, of Rochester, N.Y., has pur chased 9,500 acres of pine lands on the Au Gres River of I). Wright & Co., for the sum of $180,- 000, This tract it is estimated will furnish 100, – 000,000 feet of timber. Mb. G. W. Holt, of Buffalo, manager of the commercial line of propellers, has concluded a a contract with the Grand Trunk Railway Com- pany, according to which the boats of this line will carry during this season the up freight of the railway from Port Huron to Chicago. The contract, however, does not cover east bound freights. The Northwestern Lumberman says that maple flooring continues in good demand in Chicago, and we doubt if there will be much of it left in stock by the opening of navigation. There is some that comes by rail from Wisconsin, but the bulk of it reaches here by water from Michi- gan. The season of navigation will bring to light a large stock, but we look for it all to be wanted. Building operations will be exceed- ingly brisk in this city during the year, and maple flooring is constantly growing in favor. A company has been organized for the pur- pose of constructing a railroad through the tim- ber counties of Wisconsin, to be known as the Great Northern Timber Belt Railroad Company. The road will pas* through the counties of Oconto, Shawano, Langdale, Marathon, Taylor, Chipx^wa, Lincoln, Price, Barron, Polk, Bur- nett and Louglas. The east end of the pro- jected road romi/jence* at some ix.int on Green Bay, either Oconto or Marinette.—Lumberman’* Gazette. Last fall the lumbermen of Duluth organized a company to improve the St. Louis River, with a capital of $50,000. The contract to do the work was let to the well known railroad con- tractors, DeGraff & Co., of St. Paul, who have done a most thorough job. The river is now in fine condition for log driving, and there will be no difficulty in filling the mill booms at Duluth this spring from last winter’s crop. We con- gratulate our Duluth neighbors upon their sue cessful enterprise. Pluck, energy, enterprise and woi-k win !—Ashland Press. British. The deliveries of both hewn and sawn pitch pine have been large, and prices have been steady throughout the month ; there has only been one cargo sale, the arrivals having been almost entirely on contract. The result of Messrs. Churchill & Sim’s late sale is regarded as being generally satisfactory to holders of stock. Certainly the effect of the sale upon the better qualities of redwood stock is likely to be eminently satisfactory to holders. Many of the London agents are now on the coast, endeavoring to effect sales, but so far we do not hear that their efforts have been crowned with much success, as buyers are still holding off, in the expectation that prices may possibly come down. It is reported that two cargoes of Uleaborg deals and battens have been sold at prices decidedly low as compared with those ruling during the past season. The consumption of spruce deals has been about the same as last year, but stocks are too heavy for us to expect any early improvement in value ; imports during the spring months, however, are likely to be on a very small scale compared with previous years, as stocks are unusually low at the shipping ports. Pine deals are moderate in stock, but the demand is limit- ed. Birch, notwithstanding the large stocks, has fully maintained its value, but there cannot be much improvement until stocks are reduced. " What’s in a name ? The rose by any other name would smell as sweet." We do not dis- pute that point with the poet, but certainly spruce, by any other name, does not sell as well as that which is called Quebec. The next in esteem seems to be that from St. John, N.B., which went at 30s. to £2 lower than Quebec, and Miramichi 10s. to a pound below that of St. John. It is true Miramichi pine deals went badly here, but that does not alter the case, for our Liverpool correspondent tells us there ap- peared to be no demand for pine deals at all, and very few were sold at the auction aforesaid, while here in London 1st bright Quebec pine deals went better than they have done for some time past up to £23 5s. One of the noticeable eventualities of the great sale last week wss the way that Quebec spruce held its ground, in spite of the enormous quantity of other kinds thrown on the market, at the same time and place, to go at any price that could be obtained for it. It may be said that, instead of suffering from this competition, it beat it, and triumphed over it, for quite as good prices were obtained at this great sale as had been previously reached when smaller quantities were before the buyers to choose from. We have more than once expressed our regret at seeing 1st quality Quebec spruce of eligible dimensions going at £10 to £10 10s. per stand- ard ; but on this occasion such sizes and quality realized £10 15s., and 2nd quality went up to £9 5s., while some 3rd 3×11 obtained £8 15s. and nothing in short lengths and batten sizes went under £7. Excellent Style. We have received the March number of The Canada Lumberman, published by Messrs. Toker & Co., of Peterborough. As this is the only Journal published in . Canada devoted to the interest of lumbering in its various branches, we hope to see it receive that patronage which will enable the enterprising proprietors to con- tinue its publication in the excellent style they have shown in the present issue. For neatness, clearness of print and quality of matter it will rank as high as any paper we have seen, which advocates the same business. Success to T. & Co.—Omemee Herald. Zopkha.- A healthy man never thinks ol his stomach. The dyspeptic thinks ol DOtlnUg else. In- digestion is a constant reminder. The wise man who finds himself suffering will spend a lew cents for a bottle of Xopena, from Brazil, the new and remarkable compound for denning and toning the system, for assisting the Digestive apparatus and the Liver to properly perform their duties in assimilating food. Get a 10 cent sample of Zopena, the new remedy, of your druggist. A few doseB will surprise you. Wanted. A SECOND HAND DOUBLE EDQEB ; also a LATH MACHINE, both in good repair. Reply stating Lowell cash terms or particulars to Uox 1002, Peterborough.LlO For Sale. A 40 INCH LEFFELL WHEEL and COMPLETE CIRCULAR RIG, all in good order, suitable for a fifteen foot head. Apply to Box 1002, Peterborough. LlO Reid & Co., WHOLESALE LUMBER DEALERS. Lumber, lath, shingles, &c. Car lots to suit customers. Best Culls in the market at from .*0 to $7 per II. Office on Dock.—Esplande, foot of Shelbourne Street, Toronto bl5 Hardwood Timber Land FOR SALE. FOR SALE, 1200 ACRES HARDWOOD TIMBER LAND near Nipissing Railway, Coboconk. Easv terms. OSHAWA CABINET CO., Oshawa. bl3 Situation Wanted. A Book-keeper of first-class experience desires a situ- ation with a lumber firm. An opportunity of acquiring knowledge of the lumber trade more of an object than the amount of salary. Unexceptional references both as to character and ability. bl5 Apply to the Editor of The Canada Lumberman. The Stewart House, Headquarters of Lumbermen in Peterborough, comer of Hunter and Water Streets. Good accommodation. Terms, SI per day. Free ‘bus at trains. bl5 T. CAVANAGH, Proprietor. Allandale Junction Hotel Travellers by Northern Railway have 15 to 20 minutes by all trains, for refreshments. Solid meals. Tea and coffee at counter. Fine brands of Liquors and choice Cigars. bl7 E. S. MEEKING, Proprietor. Orillia House, ORILLIA. New and Commodious Brick Building ; best north of Toronto ; splendid sample rooms ; centrally located ; free ‘bus. b20 JOHN KELLY, Proprietor. The Queen’s Hotel, TORONTO, CANADA. McGAW & WINNETT, Proprietors. Patronized by Royalty and the best families. Prices graduated ac- cording to room. b20 St. Lawrence Hall, PORT HOPE. Is noted for its superior home-like comforts—a well kept table, equalling the best hotels in Toronto, and large, well-furnished rooms. Good sample rooms on ground flour. Walton Street, Port Hope. b26 WM. MACKIE, Proprietor. St. Louis Hotel. THE RUSSELL HOTEL CO., Proprietors. WILLIS RUSSELL, Pres., Quebec. This hotel, which is unrivalled for size, style and locality in Quebec, is open throughout the year for pleasure and business travel. bl8 Queen’s Hotel, BRACEBRIDGE. JOHN HIGGINS, Proprietor. The proprietor (late of Georgetown,) having lately purchased the above hotel,) will endeavor to make it one of the best houses in the District of Muskoka. Tourists and hunting par- ties will receive every possible attention. Free ‘bus to and from steamboat wharf. Terms, SI per day. b20 Fraser’s Hotel, GRAVENHTJRST, ONT. HENRY FRASER, proprietor, (successor to Dougland Brown.) Mr. Fraser having purchased and thoroughly renovated and refitted that old established hotel, so long and popularly kept and owned by Dougland Brown, in the Village of Gravenhurst, is now in a posi- tion to attend to the wants of the travelling and general public. Parties en route to the Muskoka District, will find "Fraser’s" a comfortable stopping place. The Bar and Larder are well furnished. Convenient Sample Rooms for Commercial Men. Good stabling and at- tentive hostler. Free ‘bus to and from trains and steamboats. b26 Flexible Board Rules, With Steel Head, either Cleveland or London make, at $175 Each. GEORGE STETHEM, PETERBOROUGH. Hotel Ottawa, No. 21 North Side Kin? Square. ST. JOHN, IN". IB. E. COSMAN, PROPRIETOR. Terms $1.00 to $1.50 per day. U

Text Appearing After Image:
TRUSSES. CLUTHES PATENT SPIRAL TI-.I all attachment*} improved. No more buckles, all on solid brass casting. Hook on rupture and human frame free. Send address in full post card. Best true information about ruptare and deformities. CHAS. CLLTHE, Surgical Machini-t, 118* King Street west, Toronto. 12U3 MAIL CONTRACT TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will be received at Ottawa until Noon, on Fridav, Oth May, for the conveyance of Her Majesty’s Mails, on proposed Contracts for four years, once, arid three times per week each way respectively, between Apsiey and Cheddar, and Peter- borough and Apsiey, from the 1st July next. Conveyance to be made in a public or other vehicle. Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed Con- tract may be seen, and blank forms of Tender mav be obtained at the Post Offices of Peterborough and Apsiey. GILBERT GRIFFIN Post Office Inspector’s Office, I Post Office Inspector Kingston, 25th March, 1881 f 31,13

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