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From the book Killers On The Unfastened,
by: Antonio Mendoza

29 Intercourse-Trade Workers Missing in Vancouver

Though they have no corpses or difficult proof to again their claims, prostitutes and social workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside suspect a serial killer is liable for the disappearance of a lot more than 29 local intercourse-trade personnel. Police are much less certain. &quotWe have no criminal offense scenes, we have no bodies… It’s extremely aggravating.&quot Vancouver police spokeswoman Constable Anne Drennan informed the press. &quotIt’s a single of the most difficult files we’ve at any time worked simply because of the absence of obvious evidence.&quot

Patricia Homosexual Perkins was the very first to vanish in 1978, but she was not noted lacking until finally 1996. 6 much more girls vanished between 1978 and 1995. The rate picked up in 1995 with three new disappearances three more in 1996 six in 1998 and eight far more in 1997. As of this producing, two prostitutes have been described lacking in 1999. The victims variety in age from 19 to forty six. Most are explained on lacking-folks posters as known drug end users and prostitutes frequenting Vancouver’s ravished Downtown Eastside.

The missing females reportedly sold sex to feed their intravenous cocaine and/or heroin behavior. Some had HIV, hepatitis or each. They all left behind their belongings, financial institution accounts, kids in foster treatment, welfare checks. &quotYou’re conversing about girls on welfare who did not select up their very last welfare verify, who still left their possessions in a dingy lodge place.&quot said Constable Drennan. &quotIt’s not as though they could just soar on a airplane and fly to Toronto.&quot

A single missing girl, Angela Jardine, disappeared in her bright pink formal robe, leaving in her dingy lodge place an eerie reminder of her feasible untimely demise — an unmailed Easter card resolved to her mother and father expressing: &quotKnow how significantly I enjoy you, Mom and Dad? A entire bunch!&quot Stephanie Lane disappeared leaving behind a little one with her mom and an uncashed welfare check out. Though getting into a daily life of prostitution and medication, Lane kept in get in touch with with her mom, often calling her for birthdays and holidays. It truly is been 3 years since she very last heard from her.

The problem of the missing females was introduced to nationwide prominence in March, 1999 when Jamie Lee Hamilton, a transsexual and former prostitute now director of a fall-in centre for sex-trade personnel, referred to as a news convention to carry the disappearances to general public attention. At the information convention Hamilton and other individuals were highly critical of the police’s lackadaisical attitude towards the missing prostitutes.

At very first, pals and relatives of the lacking blamed authorities for disregarding the circumstance. Some households, disenchanted by the police investigation, have hired detective organizations to appear into the scenario. 6 months following recurring protest marches and memorial providers for the lacking girls, nearby authorities have altered their tune and stepped up their investigative efforts. &quotYou can usually say any person is not carrying out enough,&quot Drennan mentioned. &quotWe are undertaking every thing practically we can consider of that we can do. We are not afraid to accept there could be a serial killer or multiple killers.&quot

However throughout a mobile phone dialogue on December 8, 1999 Constable Drennan mentioned emphatically that nothing at all pointed toward a serial killer becoming involved: &quotNothing at all suggest the existence of a serial killer.&quot When asked for an job interview for this guide, Constable Drennan explained the circumstance in Vancouver was &quotnot suited for a book on serial killers taking into consideration there is no proof or bodies.&quot

The women on the streets and people closest to them disagree with the Constable’s impression. &quotThe ladies listed here never talk about it really a lot since they are so scared,&quot said Elaine Allan, government director of the Women’s Info Risk-free House, a fall-in centre for sex trade personnel. Surprised by the Constable’s place, Allan remarked on the reality that no missing females have been described given that the circumstance was showcased on America’s Most Needed. Some girls believe its a border-hopper, perhaps even infamous Inexperienced River Killer, coming from the United States to fulfill his murderous fantasies. Some feel it is a snuff film ring, or a lethal merchant marine crew kidnapping the ladies and murdering them at sea. Other individuals, in accordance to Allan, attempt not to think. The alternate options are to grim.

Using the mass publicity of primary time tv on both sides of the border, investigators highlighted the circumstance in the criminal offense-busting Tv set program America’s Most Wanted. The show aired July 31, 1999, fanfaring the $one hundred,000 reward. It prompted over 100 phone calls to the program’s Washington headquarters. &quotOnly twenty were considered to be helpful the process drive is investigating them,&quot stated Drennan. Reaching investigative overdrive, the Ministry of the Lawyer Basic and the Vancouver Law enforcement Board Authorized a $a hundred,000 reward for data top to the resolution of the circumstance. Incorporating to the work one particular of Vancouver’s premier personal detective organizations, CPA Self confidence Group, offered 4 of their &quotcadaver&quot dogs to search picked areas, searching for decomposing human stays. There was even an attempt spearheaded by local organization leaders to give cell phones to prostitutes with 911 on the pace dial. The thought was speedily dismissed simply because of fears that the sex-trade staff would use their new toys to carry out their age-old company.

Law enforcement say that Vancouver, becoming flanked by the sea and mountains, is the best spot for stashing bodies out of sight. &quotThe feasible grave websites are unlimited,&quot Drennan said. &quotIf there is a predator out there, he could have a common grave site. But discovering that is so hard.&quot However a far more plausible rationalization would be a particular person, like Chicago killer John Wayne Gacy, stashing the bodies in a basement, or someone dumping them in the open up sea. &quotI consider it really is a mix.&quot said Elaine Allen. &quotThere’s so many ladies missing it really is nearly ridiculous to consider its one particular particular person doing it&quot

John Lowman, a criminology professor at Simon Fraser College, believes a blend of a number of variables could clarify the thriller. Considering that 1985, at the very least 60 prostitutes in British Columbia have been killed by johns, drug dealers and pimps. &quotIt indicates that these missing females may possibly effectively have met the same fate,&quot Lowman mentioned. It is not strange for girls who market intercourse in the road and are addicted to medications to disappear. They check out in for rehab. They leave the streets. They shift to an additional metropolis. They overdose. They dedicate suicide. They are fully commited to hospitals. In the past, law enforcement say, women described lacking typically reappear inside of a 12 months or two, useless or alive. &quotAll of unexpected that wasn’t occurring anymore,&quot Drennan explained. &quotThey just stayed missing. That is what grew to become most frightening.&quot And however all circumstantial evidence signifies foul enjoy, investigators can’t validate that any of the disappearances are even relevant.

Law enforcement have sent missing-folks reviews to psychiatric hospitals, morgues and welfare workplaces throughout Canada and the United States. Of the first 31 girls documented missing, only two of them ended up located, both lifeless. A single, Karen Anne Smith, died February 13, 1999 from heart difficulties connected to Hepatitis C in an Edmonton medical center. She was last noticed on the streets of Vancouver in 1994. The other, Linda Jean Coombes, died of a heroin overdose in an east Vancouver bowling alley February fifteen, 1994.

To preserve track of the prostitutes two legislation enforcement businesses have questioned them to document personalized information on registries that would give law enforcement clues if they had been to vanish. The registries — which have been signed by 60 prostitutes — include queries about prior poor dates, stalkers, or anything at all or anyone they ended up involved about? It also documents who would most probably know if they ended up lacking. The prostitutes are also getting self-protection lessons and have been offered particular codes and asked to call in sometimes to let authorities know they are still alive. &quotA lot of them are currently being much more cautious now, doing work by working day or with someone else,&quot mentioned Deb Mearns, who coordinates safety packages for the prostitutes.

Using a new vice squad computer plan, the Prevent and Discover Sextrade Shoppers (DISC) database, investigators hope to determine far more suspects. The program makes it possible for officers to index each and every piece of details they collect about johns, pimps and prostitutes into a searchable databases. The info contains regulars in the pink-light districts, their nicknames, physical and vehicular descriptions, and even states if they have a certain perversions or tattoo.

Deputy Police Main Gary Greer, previous district commander for the Downtown Eastside, stated he believes the avenue ladies make the excellent focus on for a serial killer. They readily get into autos with strangers, not several men and women notice their disappearance, and fewer still would report them missing. &quotWith a prostitute who goes by a street title, who’s picked up by a john, and then yet another john, whose intention is to be unseen, to be anonymous – for a predator, that’s best,&quot Greer said.

Constable Dave Dickson, a 20-calendar year Downtown Eastside veteran who was the 1st policeman to notice the disappearances, thinks prostitutes still functioning the streets are upset by the secret, but not sufficient to alter their methods. &quotIf they’re intensely addicted and need funds, they are probably going to jump in the car with a dude no make a difference what any person tells them… They occur from this kind of horrible backgrounds, they’ve been sexually abused their whole life. They are not concerned of something.&quot

The Downtown Eastside Youth Action Society (DEYAS) has compiled a list of poor johns from info received from process power, social employees and sex-trade workers, which they distribute each 7 days to prostitutes and police . The list — referred to as the Creep Listing — already has 50 prospective suspects. &quotThere are a whole lot of negative dates out there,&quot Dickson said. &quotWhere do you commence when you have got a thousand guys able of undertaking one thing like this? Some of them don’t occur down listed here for sexual intercourse. They arrive down to beat on the girls.&quot

Allen states the streets close to the Downtown Eastside are darkish and isolated, making the ladies &quotvulnerable to gentlemen who want to get off currently being violent. They may possibly not be serial killers, but they are still extremely harmful consumers.&quot At the Desire Drop-In Heart, Allen says all the ladies she sees, &quothave been beaten up by creeps and experience it each and every evening when they go out.&quot

Like the victims in the serial killer instances in Spokane and Chicago, the females disappearing in Vancouver occur from the most susceptible and destroyed segment of modern society. &quotMore than ninety per cent of them were abused as kids. A more compact percentage started out doing medications, got into the lifestyle and could not get out.&quot Allen believes all her clients are suffering from some form of Publish Traumatic Pressure Condition, a disorder more commonly associated with struggle-shocked veterans and torture survivors.

&quotIncest abuse victims, if they have been in remedy with a psychiatrist, would be obtaining anti-depressants, anti-nervousness treatment, sleeping pills, but these females who are not in treatment method. They self-medicate. That is what the heroin is all about. that’s why we’re below. That is why all these ladies are right here.&quot

Vancouver law enforcement have been conversing to officers in Spokane and Portland, evaluating notes about their recent situations of cluster killings. But with no criminal offense scenes, corpses or any other tangible proof, Vancouver authorities have small notes to examine. Regional officers have also spoken to King County detective Tom Jenson who is the only investigator remaining doing work on the Inexperienced River Killer scenario. Becoming just 117 miles north of Seattle, there is the probability that a serial killer could be at the same time operating on each sides of the border.

Authorities have also sought guidance from Detective Lt. William Siegrist, of Poughkeepsie, New York who investigated the circumstance of Kendall Francois. In 1998 Francois was arrested for serial killing eight prostitutes above a two-yr time period. Francois stashed the bodies of his victims in his family’s house. In both the Vancouver and Poughkeepsie cases, prostitutes with near ties to the local community who ended up in speak to with their families on a standard foundation vanished without a trace. In the Poughkeepsie circumstances Siegrist documented that Francois experienced sex with much more than fifty prostitutes and was well-recognized on the avenue. Francois also had a historical past of committing acts of violence from the girls.

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside — which is measures absent from the city’s stylish Hastings Avenue — is a neighborhood of junkies, pawn shops, saloons and run-down rooming properties. It really is known around the world for its higher HIV fee. It is approximated that a lot more than a quarter of the nearby junkies and eighty p.c of Eastside prostitutes have tested positive for HIV. The neighborhood needle-exchange centre at the DEYAS hand out about two.4 million needles a calendar year, a lot more than any other centre in North The usa.

Because of partly to Vancouver’s moderate winters, the spot is a magnet for runaways, drifters, impoverished Indians and mentally unwell folks, many of whom finish up dwelling in the streets performing drugs and turning tricks. Whereas in 1998 only eighteen men and women were murdered in Vancouver, 193 died from overdoses of heroin, cocaine or illicitly bought methadone. &quotWe never have a great deal of success stories,&quot mentioned Allan, whose fall-in center is utilized by practically every prostitute in the Downtown Eastside, particularly the types that are ravished by medication.

Allan understood 1 of the women, Jacquilene McDonell, 1 of the previous to go missing. &quotIt was tragic,&quot she remembers when she found out Jackie disappeared. &quotShe was young, was articulate, she was nice, she was 21-a long time-outdated, had a son, was variety of tripping on her medications, she was too good for this spot.&quot Like the other people, Jackie’s existence on earth was surrounded by tragedy. &quotTheir forearms are solidly terrified with cigarette burns and deep cut marks,&quot she states of the females she moms at her middle. &quotThey’re indicators of being really abused from a youthful age. They have to self-mutilate because the ache in their head is so negative, people are the one’s that are heading lacking.&quot

&quotI genuinely hope it is a serial killer,&quot said the Rev. Ruth Wright of Vancouver’s 1st United Church, a community cornerstone for 114 several years which residences the Would like fall-in middle for sex-trade employees. The alternative, in accordance to the reverend, &quotwould mean there are 31 different killers out there and that significantly evil would be also much.&quot Wright, a veteran of the ravaged Downtown Eastside, has survived the neighborhood’s ballooning AIDS epidemic and the consequences of a 1993 deadly batch of heroin that killed 300 junkies. Nevertheless, this new scourge is what she finds most horrifying.

Allan thinks the 29 missing prostitutes could have been killed at sea. Prostitutes are typically lured on to ships at the Vancouver harbor with claims of free of charge heroin and keen johns, but finish up as sexual intercourse-slaves in a heroin daze right up until they are thrown overboard. Authorities see this as a likelihood. &quotWhether the boats could be concerned is a single of the prospects we are searching into,&quot explained law enforcement spokeswoman Anne Drennan. Allan is aware of, from conversations with prostitutes at the Secure Residence, that the ships enjoy a pivotal part in their life.

&quotMany of the ladies I’ve talked to have been on the boats,&quot she said. &quotMany of these sexual intercourse-trade personnel are heavily into heroin dependancy, desperate for their following fix. Also remember, one thing like ninety five percent of all the heroin coming into Canada hits the shore initial proper listed here in Vancouver.&quot Sailors make a massive percentage of the prostitute’s clientele. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for them to go on a boat. Once onboard the ladies are stored captive as the ship’s sexual intercourse-toy. Some escape, other individuals, who is aware.

Allen claims that usually the youthful girls whose drug behavior raging are out of manage are the one’s that conclude up in the ships. &quotThe lure of the medication,&quot she states, &quotthe lure of currently being ready to do much more dates&quot receives the girls to operate the port. Numerous of those who go on the boats try to have a person &quotkeep their 6&quot — a avenue expression meaning observing their again. In a story associated to Allan at the fall-in centre, one lady was locked in a cabin in a Filipino freighter with a big block of heroin and was only let out right after her pal &quotkeeping her six&quot — a Russian sailor — threatened to go to the law enforcement with pictures of her receiving on board.

&quotIt would be very effortless to hide an individual on a boat,&quot mentioned Allan. &quotWhen you get to open up sea and you happen to be on nightwatch it would be very easy to toss an individual overboard.&quot Girls doing work the streets close to the docks advised the Calgary Sun they feel the sea slaughter is a possible explanation for the disappearances. Dumped from freighters and global commercial ships far out in the Pacific Ocean, the bodies would eternally vanish. However, if a number of guys have been involved, 1 would sooner or later chat. Plausibly, it could be a overseas crew coming into city periodically.

On Portside Park, overlooking the harbor, a memorial stone committed to all the Downtown Eastside murder victims has been unofficially produced into an altar in honor of the lacking girls. There Wayne Leng remembers with sadness his missing good friend Sarah DeVries, a 29-yr-previous heroin-addicted prostitute who disappeared in 1998. Leng, a fifty calendar year-outdated automotive technician , was the final person to see her alive. Consumed with locating her, Leng has completed almost everything from plastering posters all over Vancouver’s pink-mild district to producing a world wide web web site focused to the lacking prostitutes.

Warm and helpful, the disappearance of Black Sarah, as she was recognized by everyone in Vancouver’s red mild district, was a especially challenging blow for the Downtown Eastside. As opposed to other victims, Sarah arrived from an upper center class family who have put the time and vitality to provide to focus the enfolding tragedy. DeVries’ sister Maggie, who has been overtly essential about the authorities’ frame of mind, has put a grieving confront to the unlimited cavalcade of unsolved cases. With each other with Wayne Leng they have turned Black Sarah into the symbol for the missing .

DeVries, like the 28 other ladies, was a street junkie and prostitute. Like the other folks, she was shooting up to $one,000 value of medicines a working day in amongst tips. She had HIV and hepatitis. Like the other folks she labored an spot recognized as the Reduce Track exactly where $10 can acquire oral sexual intercourse. Some may possibly even go cheaper, for a pack of cigarettes and a rock of cocaine.

But in contrast to the other individuals, she came from an affluent household that obtained involved soon after she disappeared. DeVries had a restless thoughts that she unveiled in a journal entire of poems, feelings and drawings. In a strange twist of destiny, she appeared in a Tv documentary the place she seems chatting to the digicam and capturing-up. &quotWhen you require your subsequent repair, you might be sick, puking, it is like possessing the flu, a chilly, arthritis, all at the identical time, only multiplied a hundred times,&quot she explained to the digital camera. Sarah explained there are only a few techniques off the streets. &quotYou go to jail, you conclude up dead, or you do a existence sentence right here.&quot

Listed here is one particular of her poems reflecting her tragic struggles with medication and daily life on the streets.

Woman’s physique identified beaten beyond recognition.
You sip your coffee,
Using a drag of your smoke,
Turning the webpage,
Having a chunk of your toast.
Just an additional working day, just another death,
Just one particular far more issue for you to fail to remember,
You and your delicate sheltered life,
Just go on and on,
For no one special from your globe is long gone.
Just another Hastings Street whore
Sentenced to loss of life.
No decide, no jury, no demo, no mercy.
The judge’s gavel already fallen,
Sentence already handed.

Regrettably, Sarah’s poems will remain as the voice of 29 victims that lived and died on the margins of culture, for no fault of their own. She is but an additional lost daily life reduce brief by somebody preying on the weak and susceptible. A person who sees no worth in life.

To day only 1 suspect behind bars that could be implicated with the disappearances. The suspect, a Vancouver gentleman now serving time for rape, is being investigated in connection with the disappearances of 7 of the lacking prostitutes.


Considering that the circumstance of the missing prostitutes was created public in 1999, the original VPD process force dwindled to a few officers and the investigation was sooner or later taken over by the RCMP chilly situation squad. To date, law enforcement have located 4 of the 31 lacking ladies. Two of them ended up dead, one particular from heart problems, the other from a drug overdose. Two ended up located alive, but police have not release particulars about them. Nevertheless, four a lot more lacking women have been extra to the listing. 1st, Brenda Ann Wolfe, 32, who disappeared in February 1999, and was reported lacking the pursuing April. Then, Jennie Lynn Furminger, was noted lacking in March 2000. Lastly Dawn Teresa Crey, 42, and Debra Lynne Jones, forty three, were the two documented lacking in December. &quotI guess it does say that the problem nonetheless exists,&quot explained VPD Sergeant Geramy Area. &quotFor a even though there — for the bulk of 1999 — we felt that we did not have any [far more missing] and that both someone was in custody or the perpetrator had died or moved on, probably since of the media stress.&quot

In June 2001, Kim Rossmo, 46, a geographic profiler in the VPD sued the office for wrongful dismissal. Rossmo, who at the time was Canada’s 1st police officer with a Ph.D., designed a floor-breaking computerized criminal offense investigation instrument for geographic profiling, creating him a quickly-increasing star in the division. Rossmo was rapidly promoted from constable to detective-inspector and was authorized to set up a geographic profiling unit, which went on to acquire the office worldwide acclaim and awards, but jealousy and the department’s &quotold boy’s network,&quot kept undermining his perform.

In 1998, when Rossmo explained that there was a robust probability of a serial killer active in Vancouver, others in the department, perhaps out of spite, rapidly turned down his assert. In his fit Rossmo, who now functions in Washington D.C., exclusively accuses Deputy Chief John Unger and significant crime police Inspector Fred Biddlecombe of freezing him out of the lacking girls investigation. In accordance to court docket documents Biddlecombe &quotthrew a small temper tantrum&quot when Rossmo proposed that police need to explain to the media of the possibility of a serial killer is at operate on the Downtown Eastside. Rossmo equated the experience to being on a 747 jetliner when an individual tells the pilot there is certainly smoke in the cabin. &quotIf the captain states, ‘Prove to me there is a hearth,’ you know he’s possibly a idiot or incompetent.&quot

Remarkably, this is not the 1st time Rossmo has warned fellow officers about a serial killer on the unfastened, and it truly is not the very first time he is stonewalled by his colleagues. In 1994, after examining three sets of stays found outside Saskatoon, Rossmo suggested they had been the operate of a serial killer. Law enforcement dismissed his claims, even even though they experienced a convicted rapist – John Martin Crawford — under surveillance. Crawford turned out to have murdered at the very least four native women and is suspected of killing 3 other folks.

In accordance to Warren Goulding, writer of &quotJust Yet another Indian-A Serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference,&quot Crawford was in a position to allude authorities and eliminate

repeatedly due to the fact his victim’s were native women. Goulding thinks that there are as numerous as 450 aboriginal ladies missing from western Canada and no one looks to treatment. Not incredibly, a massive variety of the lacking Downtown Eastside girls are also of aboriginal descent.

Given that 1999, Wayne Leng, the buddy of Sarah DeVries, has been trying to keep observe of the investigation of the missing ladies on his world wide web internet site, www.missingpeople.internet Though he started out the internet website as an on-line memorial for his buddy Sarah, the internet site has developed into the nerve-middle for keeping monitor of all the disappearing ladies. With the support of his web website a modest but vocal contingency of family and close friends of the missing have kept the law enforcement investigators from completely dismissing the case. Leng and the other people are now chatting about filing a course motion lawsuit in opposition to the VPD for incompetence and neglect in their dealing with of the lacking ladies file.

Vancouver metropolis law enforcement last but not least dropped their guard and now publicly accept the strong probability that a single or serial killers are abducting females from the Downtown Eastside. In simple fact, a new joint force of metropolis law enforcement and Mounties has been formed to seem into at minimum 60 solved and unsolved homicides of ladies functioning in the sexual intercourse trade or living a equivalent lifestyle in the earlier two many years.

Vancouver law enforcement Sergeant Geramy Subject stated the activity force has been in the performs for some time and wasn’t prompted by the latest disappearances. Area extra her division has assigned two murder detectives to the process drive, which will be concentrating on the identified murders of girls in the sexual intercourse trade as nicely as the documents on lacking girls. Investigators will be trying to see if any designs emerge or if there is beneficial evidence in solved or unsolved murder files from throughout Western Canada that can give clues on Vancouver’s missing girls situations.

One can only hope the renewed curiosity in the scenario could generate solutions on the fate of the missing ladies. &quotHistorically, which is where a whole lot of these have been solved in the past: A policeman stumbling on one thing or stopping any person and becoming ready to stick to up on one thing that’s new — being vigilant out there with our road checks,&quot said Sergeant Area at a press convention asserting the new joint activity force. &quotI never believe somebody’s likely to stroll in [with the answer]. But someplace in this physique of evidence is the male or the men, and we just have to locate them.&quot

The creator of Killers On The Free, Antonio Mendoza is the owner and creator of the World wide web Criminal offense Archives at: www.mayhem.internet

The ebook is accessible at Amazon, Barnes &amp Noble and other book shops.

Barnes and Noble


Vancouver Circumstance

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    5. The SD card is over writable. For best playback I put the SD card in my computer where I have more control over the playback options.
    6. Internet connection. I am not using that option at this time so I have no comments.
    It’s not a bad camera system. The video is very good especially in the day time. The camera system has features for recording times and alarms. The portability of the monitor is an excellent feature. I wish the camera was constructed better. I can’t help but wonder about the longevity of this camera. From all the negative reviews I have read on Amazon the manufacturer has responded to most trying to work with their customers to resolve any issues that have arisen which makes me feel like this is a good company and improvements will hopefully be in the near future. Of course I have already spent my money on a product that for now seems to work very well.

  3. 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good stuff, like that it works without WiFi., June 28, 2019

    By Wilhelm (Saint Michael MN)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System with 7″ Touchscreen and HD Nightvision Cameras, AC Powered (2-cam kit) (Electronics)

    Everything seems to work as described. Monitor is cute and gives nice image. I was worried that there would be interference between my WiFi and this camera system. One camera works fine. The second one interferes with a Canary outdoor camera which is on WiFi and does not have a strong WiFi signal. As soon as I plugged in the second Casacam, the Canary stared to lose WiFi connections off and on. The Canary is more important to me, so I unplugged the Casacam. I will have to play with this some more when I have more time, like resetting the router after all are plugged in. The cameras have surprising strong signals even when separated by long distance and thru a few walls. So far overall I like Casacam. The pictures show the speed test results with the camera unplugged and the camera plugged in. Definitely interference with WiFi.

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