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Wyze Cam V2 1080P Indoor Smart Residence Digicam with Wyze Feeling Starter Kit

Solution Description
With a compact design and a small cost tag, Wyze sense is built to spark your creativeness. Place speak to sensors on liquor cabinets, safes, trash cans, cookie jars, garage door, and something else that twists, turns, opens or closes. Movement sensors are wonderful for bedrooms, loos, or anywhere you really don’t want to place a Wyze Cam.

Price: $47.96

  • Wyze sense piggybacks off Wyze CAM’s Wi-Fi connection making setup further simple. A single bridge (integrated) can Assist up to one hundred Wyze sensors and has a sign selection that will operate all through most US houses.
  • Wyze make contact with sensors send notifications to your mobile phone any time some thing is opened, shut, or left open and have a 12-month replaceable battery daily life.
  • Wyze movement sensors deliver a notification to your telephone when it detects movement from folks and pets and have a 12-month replaceable battery lifestyle.
  • You don’t have to get a notification each time one thing Opens or closes. Established Wyze perception to only deliver you a notification when anything is open up for a longer time than it should be.
  • See the current position and a historical past of your sensors right in the Wyze application. Particulars of open, shut, and motion events are recorded and stored for fourteen-days, so you can see specifically when a sensor was triggered and for how prolonged, even if you’ve disabled push notifications

Cousins and siblings [DSC00030]
Previous weekend I was attending a short course ‘Photographing tiny issues with property products&quot. I did not know what the little things would be (germs, dust particles or potatoes). So I set some old targets in my faculty backbag. The other people experienced picked keys (dangerous to shoot), watches (I have not been a slave of timepieces for several years) and even trilobits(!)

So here are some of my smallest Minolta aims. Each of them has been manufactured in portions of circa N*ten^x. Owing to their good construct top quality most of them are even now alive – and available for quite moderate prices (say 15€ and earlier mentioned). And in the 70’s even kit lenses ended up usable. Every of them has been made in portions of circa N*10^x. Because of to their very good develop quality most of the are still alive – and offered for very moderate costs (say 15€ and previously mentioned).

The objectives from the remaining to the correct:
MC ROKKOR-PF 1:1.seven 50mm
May this be the most common kit lens delivered with Minolta film bodies? Not poor IMHO.

MD one:two, 50mm
My first imagined was &quotPlastic!&quot But there are variations among plastic and plastic. This a single is extremely nice to take care of even in chilly climate. And the lenses make the picture and they are reliable glass. Absolutely a single of my faves!

MC MACRO ROKKOR 1:three.5 50mm
In fact this one should not be in this group ‘cos it is really far from low-cost normal aims. And capability to generate 1:one photos is not normal. The a single in the photo is with 50mm extension tube + NEX adapter.
The entrance lens lies deep in the tube therefore no hood is required in follow.
The issue is: is 50mm also brief for macros? This world is full of shy insects…

MC W.ROKKOR-SG one:three.5 28mm
The objective is here with NEX adapter.

MC W.ROKKOR-SG one:3.five 28mm

MC ROKKOR-PF one:1.seven 55mm
All essential is previously integrated in Flickr discussion: www.flickr.com/teams/14411702@N00/examine/72157608529324…?
The tube in this photo is with NEX adapter.

MD ROKKOR 1:one.four 50mm
This is 1 of my faves. Not for superior IQ but for the very good availability (read through: average price tag for tinkering). My 1st Rokkor was a 85mm tube, acknowledged for its IQ – and therefore relatively high-priced. BUT I have not used it on any Minoltas nor tailored to NEX. It is – feel or not – a splendid aim for EOS cameras such as total-framers. Now someone has place instructions for the fairly simple conversion on Youtube: www.youtube.com/observe?v=t0aiKuQ7HJ8

A website page value viewing: www.rokkorfiles.com/Fight of 50s1.htm

Interested to know far more about Rokkor ‘normal’ aims with NEX cameras? See what wiser men have written: www.dpreview.com/community forums/post/41768036

By SeppoU [Study ‘About’ for info!] on 2013-eleven-eleven 10:53:39

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about Wyze Cam V2 1080P Indoor Wise Property Digital camera with Wyze Sense Starter Kit?

  1. 1,154 of 1,154 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Read User Agreement!!, December 13, 2018

    By texase

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa (Electronics)

    I never used this product. I unboxed it and then downloaded the app & read the user agreement and absolutely cannot consent to the terms. Please read and understand the clause about subrogation claims BEFORE you use this product. It puts the user at admittedly unlikely, but very real legal and financial jeopardy in the event of the product failing in such a manner that harm is caused- for example the cord catching fire. USER is repsonsible for all legal fees or fines/claims against the product EVEN if the product was at fault! For me, being someone who just lost a home in a fire with a product that is being pursued under subrogation by my insurance company there is NO WAY I would consent to this!!

  2. Uh, I just noticed that an automatic copy-paster had made one sentence quite unreadable. Corrected it now.

  3. 2,433 of 2,471 people found the following review helpful

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost nailed it, November 2, 2017


    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa (Electronics)

    I want to begin by saying that I have been very interested in owning security cameras in my home, but I’ve never wanted to spend a bunch of money on it. I heard about this camera through a tech news article and I thought that I would give it a shot. After all, a $30 1080p security camera with some free cloud storage just seemed to good to be true.

    What I like:
    Picture quality is very good and setup was easy. Priced very well too!

    Each camera comes with a metal plate and some sticky tape which allows you to put this on any flat surface. This is nice since the camera has a magnet on the bottom of the stand.

    Updates come out regularly to fix bugs. Hope that continues for many years to come!

    The two way audio quality is actually pretty good! Talking to someone is kind of a pain though. Speaking of that…

    What I don’t like:
    To have your voice protrude through a camera, you have to open the camera on the app and press and hold the mic icon. To hear the other person though, you have to unmute the camera. Seems sensible so far right? Well every time you tap that mic icon, the camera mutes itself again. Kinda pointless to advertise two way audio if the person on the app has to constantly unmute the camera in order to hear the person on the camera trying to talk to them. Not sure why it wont stick to the setting I choose.

    The recorded alerts are too short. For instance, I have a camera setup in my garage to start recording after it detects sound or motion. Whenever the garage door is opening, I get alerted and the camera starts recording. However, the recording lasts just long enough to see the garage door open and nothing else as recordings are between 9-12 seconds long. There appears to be a cooldown between each alert too. I say this because I don’t get another alert in the time it takes me to park the car, close the garage door, get out of the car, and walk across the camera to get into my home. Having a microSD to continuously record everything would circumvent this, but having the ability to have recorded alerts be 30 seconds could avoid this whole issue.

    You can now setup times as to when the camera will send you alerts, but unfortunately these options are just limited to time of day and do not include day of the week. So if you were hoping to set it up to alert you Monday through Friday between the times of 7am and 4pm, you couldn’t. This will always alert you every day of the week between your specified times.

    This is a small complaint, but the app saves an image of the thumbnail for each camera directly on my phone. I’d prefer the thumbnails to stay on the app itself and not saved in its own folder in my pictures. This also goes for my avatar picture on the app.

    This is a fantastic security camera for the money. Most of my problems are software related and (hopefully) will be fixed soon. I look forward to updating my review after they get some more options added and address some of the issues that I mentioned above.

    Update: 1/3/18
    Both of my cameras frequently disconnect and require power cycles in order to get them to work. They may work for a few hours or a day if I am lucky. Also alarm notifications are not coming up until I open the app making the alerts almost worthless. I’ll wait again for an update, but I’m kinda losing hope here.

    Update: 2/20/2018
    They pushed out an update to help fix the frequent disconnects that I was experiencing, but now only one camera seems to work consistently at a time. (This is in regards to live streaming) What happens is I always seem to have one camera fail at random while the other one continues to work fine. As soon as I power cycle the camera that isn’t working, the other one goes down in about a day and I cannot connect to it anymore. If I power cycle that one, then other one goes down. This has been going on since my last update and I now only power cycle them if Wyze pushes out an update as it gets old having to power cycle them every other day. I still get notifications on the one that happens to be down, so it’s just the live streaming that doesn’t work.

    Speaking of notifications, if you are on an Android device and are not receiving notifications from the app, try disabling any battery optimization settings (i.e. Doze) that are interacting with the app. Disabling that should make the notifications come up again. My phone recently updated to have the Doze feature in Android 8.0 and disabling those settings seems to have made those work again.

  4. I like them, they seem to be solid and compact.

  5. 620 of 620 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    ip address in CHINA. Being spied on. BEWARE …, April 11, 2018

    By KallMeKG (USA)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa (Electronics)

    ip address in CHINA. Being spied on. BEWARE I returned the camera, also read other reviews for the same issue.

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