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VIZIO D-Series 60″ Class (60″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – D60-F3

Product Description
D60-F3 – Smart TV – LED Backlight – 60 – 1920 x 1080 – 16:9 – 5M: 1 – 120 Hz – Wi-Fi – 176/176 – DTS Studio Sound – 10W x 2 – HDMI x 2, USB x 2

Price: $529.00

  • High Dynamic Range video support for HDR10 & HLG
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution – 4x the detail of 1080p Full HD
  • Full Array LED Backlight – For superior light uniformity and picture performance
  • Faster, easier-to-use Smart TV with instant access to popular apps right on the TV
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

20170603 – yardsale haul – 3 – even more stuff – 112826
Seriously — so much stuff we had to load up the display table multiple times.

The doorstop-alarm was from a dead friend, and our living friend of hers gave it to us for free. Good for keeping people out of rooms during parties.

The DiscoBeams sunflower LED light is awesome — it’s a fancy $30 American version of the $6-$10 Chinese ones we buy, and has more lights and a better-built body, so we were quite willing to pay $4.

It was a really good haul this week. A guy had sooooooo much comic book stuff that he was giving away for free because he didn’t want to take it back inside.

We accidentally ended up at an estate sale for a dead friend. That was kind of dark.

We saw a yard setting up a bunch of chairs and we were wondering what that was about. Turns out, it’s a Burner Peace Love & Ice Cream yearly party where they play music and have about 70 of their friends over. We didn’t know the people there, but they knew of MakePeace Manor.

Spanker Drive is a funny name for a street.

boombox, doorstop, electric fly swatter, kit box, lamp, lava lamp, party light, surge protector, water filter.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

June 3, 2017.

… Read my blog at ClintJCL at wordpress.com
… Read Carolyn’s blog at CarolynCASL at wordpress.com

… Read my yard sale-related blogposts at clintjcl dot wordpress dot com/category/yard-sales/

BACKSTORY: Got up around 6:35AM, made it out driving by 7:39 AM and went out until 1:28, and then again from 2:07 to 2:36 for a total of ~6 hours. Spent $143.15 plus ~$5.53 gas for 64.3 miles of driving (25.8 mpg @ $2.22/G), for a total cost of $148.68. We drove to 65 yard sales, stopping at 39 (60%) of them. We made 115 purchases (150 items) for a total estimated value of $1,400.57, leading to a profit/savings of $245.74. So in essence, we multiplied our $148.68 investment by 9.58. (Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $1,400.57 on the job, pre-tax, in order to take home the $1,228.72 in cash that we saved. How long does $ of disposable income take to earn, vs the 6 hrs we spent here?). Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* "wage" of $245.74/hr as a couple or $122.87/hr per person.


* $30.00: outdoor heater (EV:$99.98)

* $15.00: cymbals, 14" hi hat, Pearl CX300, (EV:$9.99), 18" crash/ride, Pearl CX300 (EV:$24.99)

* $12.00: tote bag of assorted body washes. Tote bag has 6 divisions 10x10x7.625", Suave cocoa butter & shea 15 fl oz (2), St Ives Indulgent coconut milk 13.5 fl oz, Johnson’s Body Care Forever fresh 20.3 fl oz (2), Olay Body age defying 23.6 fl oz, Yardley London English Lavender 12 fl oz., Olay moisturinse 15.2 fl oz, Old Spice body spray 3.75 oz, John Frieda Frizz-Ease hair serum 1.69 fl oz. (2), John Frieda Shine Shock leave-on perfecting glosser 2.4 oz, Escada Sentiment lotion 1.7 fl oz (2), TRESemme no frizz shine spray 4.25 fl oz. (EV:$15 if you get the stuff from the Dollar Store)

* $10.00: metal box, silver colored, Promaster, with shoulder strap, foam inside, 18×13.5×6 (EV:$21.99)

* $5.00: digital picture frame, Omnitech 15242-US, 13" screen, power supply: Accurian cat no 12-200 model DSA-15P-12 (EV:$11.27)

* $5.00: toy, mechanical construction digger, rideable and controllable (EV:$44.99)

* $4.00: shelves (2), blue, 31×11.5×12" (EV:$14.39)

* $4.00: party light, Discobeams, Spencers, 5×1.25" (EV:$29.99 price tag)

* $4.00: shelves, wire, white: 12x12x47.25", 5 shelves, green: 10.75x12x23.75" 8 4×2 shelves (EV:$17.99), but ours is not modular like this. They’re just one unit.

* $3.00: horseshoes, molded PVC, Sportcraft Model 08017 (EV:$22.49)

* $3.00: lava lamp, silver, magenta lava (EV:$9.97)

* $3.00: power strip surge protector, 6-outlets, circuit breaker (EV:$3.24)

* $3.00: light, portable track light, model 1953, issue no bh-49 880, including flood lightbulb (EV:$19.99)

* $3.00: boom box, Sanyo, M7130K (EV:$14.95 price tag)

* $3.00: nails/screws (3), 3 boxes of assorted nails and screws (EV:$~6.00 (~$3 each))

* $2.50: costume, Playful Pirate, size M/L, barcode 023168251343 (EV:$27.99 price tag)

* $2.00: power strip, GE, 6-outlets, black, smaller than most (EV:$3.24)

* $2.00: power strip, 6-outlets, white (EV:$3.24)

* $2.00: lamp, clip, green, model # 30011-GRN, manufacture date: 200503 (EV:$7.97)

* $2.00: electronic fly swatter, yellow, item 62540, serial number 2215-36747 (EV:$9.99)

* $2.00: step stool, off-white, Rubbermaid, 12.5×15.5×9.5", LS-4200-P3-BISQU / barcode 071691224204 (EV:$11.96)

* $2.00: bathmat, for the tub, dark gray, 30.5×14.75" (EV:$8.98)

* $2.00: solar light, OnTel Ever Brite, As Seen On TV, 2016, EBMOPKG10116-CCC, barcode 735541008207 (EV:$6.00)

* $1.00: game, roleplaying game, Gamma World (EV:$39.99 price tag)

* $1.00: hula skirt, Aloha Hawaii Lei, Natural Raffia, Adult: 31" waist, 28" length, barcode 747448310307 (EV:$3.99)

* $1.00: extension cord, 6-feet, gray (EV:$4.29)

* $1.00: belt, black with small silver studs (EV:$15.00)

* $1.00:coasters, mirror (2), square, 4" (EV:$5.98 ($2.99 each))

* $1.00: horseshoes, foam, Aviva, only one stake with base (EV:$14.47)

* $1.00: hat, top hat, SuperGirl, Pink, plushy, with pink faux fur rim, Six Flags (EV:$8.00)

* $1.00: milk crate, brown, Borden Orlando (EV:$3.82)

* $1.00: milk crate, red, Shenandoah’s Pride (EV:$3.82)

* $1.00: shelf, wood color (unpainted), 31×11.5×12" (EV:$14.39)

* $1.00: storage unit, white, 2-drawers, Itso, 14.625×14.625×15" (EV:$24.97)

* $1.00: toy, tank, camouflage, 11x6x5", Hasbro, 1998, United States, 5 SXT25507-HD USA, C001-D (EV:$27.90)

* $1.00: fitted sheet & 4 pillowcases, Queen size, burgundy color (EV:$14.35)

* $1.00: storage unit, drawer, cloth, green, 15.125x9x15.375" (EV:$3.20)

* $1.00: guitar, First Act Discovery, missing a string, 31.25" long, 14.125×10.250×2.250" body, red finish with orange flames, FG3087 (EV:$18.71)

* $1.00: toy guitar, flat plastic, red & black, Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Series guitar, 2010, 6288, has USB and a phone jack? maybe that’s for the separate amp. (EV:$29.65)

* $1.00: toy guitar, flat plastic, white, WowWee Paper Jamz Instant Rockstar, 2009, this one does not have the USB or phone jack hookups (EV:$29.65)

* $0.75: lightbulb, Sylvania Soft White 3-way lightbulb 30-70-100W (EV:$3.98)

* $0.50: Spongebob Squarepants, vibrating, Burger King, 2002, 4×3.25" not including cloth feet, 5×3.25" including feet (EV:$4.03)

* $0.50: mask, Batman, glasses style, McDonald’s (EV:$1.29)

* $0.25: train whistle, wood, Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Summerton, CO (EV:$4.99)

* $0.25: gold twigs (EV:$6.99)

* $0.10: Slinky, plastic, rainbow, butterfly shape, 3" (EV:$21.64)

* $0.10: stirrer, Fusionbrands Stirstik, 2011, gray plastic paint-stirrer with purple rubbery coating, item # 8038-147, barcode 891078001590 (EV:$6.95)

* $0.10: Smurf, rubbery, Grumpy, big head, little body, 1.5×2", 2012, lafigb.vimps tech4kios.com onl4w257 Canada (EV:$1.00)

* $0.10: paint, orange, Krylon, Industrial Tough Coat, (EV:$1.99 price tag)

* $FREE: Mr. Beer home brewing kit, makes 2 gallons of beer, keg, bottles, mixing kit for Bewitched Amber Ale 2.86lbs that expired on 20150627 (EV:$29.99)

* $FREE: hat, Spider-Man, BabyGap, size S/M (EV:$29.95)

* $FREE: head massager, Crafted Imports, handle: 2.7×0.3", short arm: 5", long arm: 6.5", Walgreen, WIC#: 950094 2302030, barcode 049022918207 (EV:$1.99)

* $FREE: hat, Dare Devil/Punisher reversible (EV:$16.95)

* $FREE: hat, Star Wars, Darth Vader (EV:$8.54)

* $FREE: skull, metal, flat, tin, Terminator 2, T2 (EV:$6.75)

* $FREE: hat, Iron Man (EV:$7.98)

* $FREE: ice mold, 20 Sided Die, LootCrate Exclusive, ~3" (EV:$5.82)

* $FREE: window (2), mirrored, 22.75×32.625x.75" (EV:$12.59)

* $FREE: mirror (2), 24×30" and 18×24" (EV:$22.55)

* $FREE: toy rocket, Stomp Rocket JrGlow air powered rocket, The D&L Company, www.stomprocket.com, 2008, barcode 795516200050 (EV:$14.75)

* $FREE: poster, Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens, RP1401 Pick 40, shrinkwrapped, barcode 882663040148 (EV:$8.99)

* $FREE: poster, Marvel Heros, Reinders, shrinkwrapped, A30/234/18023 234 PP31736 130312 (EV:$5.47)

* $FREE: poster, Star Trek Into Darkness, Imax (EV:$17.99)

* $FREE: drum, First Act Discovery, blue, 8.5" (EV:$25.65)

* $FREE: viewfinder, View-Master 3-D, blue, Fisher Price, 1988, T5410 0682T1, including viewmaster inserts: Dora The Explorer 2008 Viacom, The Space Shuttle B: 34079-9039, The Space Shuttle C: 34079-9029, Toy Story 3 T3982 (NRFB), Cars W2131 (NRFB) (EV:$12.97)

* $FREE: Brita filter pitcher, large size, white, top is a little warped (EV:$9.79)

* $FREE: Brita filter (2) (EV:$11.98)

* $FREE: toy, magnetized Spider-Man gyro spinner (EV:$3.98)

* $FREE: tin, butter cookies, 5.125×2.75", Christmas (EV:$7.56)

* $FREE: container, plastic, clear with white lid, 2.5×2.125×1.5"(EV:$0.27)

* $FREE: trading cards, Marvel Iron Man 3 movie, www.upperdeck.com, KA040913, barcode 053334807784 (still in pack) (EV:$2.86)

* $FREE: stickers, Tetris, 147 stickers, Paladone, PP2274TT, barcode 5032331036156 (NRFB) (EV:$4.90)

* $FREE: baby mirror, Munchkin, gray suede edges, 12.25×9.375" (EV:$7.99)

* $FREE: bucket, pink with hearts, 1-800-Flowers.Com, 4.25×5" (EV:$3.64)

* $FREE: carpet pad, gray 26×13.5", 24.5×13.5" (EV:$3.56)

* $FREE: poster, Beyond, 11×17" (EV:$7.95)

* $FREE: door stop alarm, Radio Shack, 490-0427, barcode 040293167707 (EV:$10.91). Got from Lynn, from BlondeJamesBond’s estate sale.

* $FREE: toy, Iron Man, Hasbro, 2012, 7 moveable joints, 5"4.875", #A4180 (EV:$11.96)

* $FREE: toy, Snoopy & Woodstock,The Peanuts Movie, McDonald’s, #10 (NRFB) (EV:$4.17)

* $FREE: toy, Mario Brothers, Luigi, 2013, McDonald’s, 3.5×2.5" (EV:$17.25)

* $FREE: toy, Mario Brothers, Mario with wall, 2013, McDonald’s, 3.5×2.5" (EV:$17.83). Ours is missing the coin and stand.

* $FREE: toy, candy fan, M&M’s Star Wars, Boba Fett (EV:$3.09)

* $FREE: napkins, The Amazing Spider-Man, Decorata Party, 2051101, barcode 5201184804711 (NRFB) (EV:$2.02)

* $FREE: fork, construction vehicle, Constructive Eating, Fork Lift Fork (EV:$7.50)

* $FREE: spoon, construction vehicle, Constructive Eating, Front Loader Spoon (EV:$7.10)

* $FREE: toy, Avengers, Iron Man, Tri-Power Repulsor and 4 missiles, PN 7221430001(EV:$37.15)

* $FREE: ice cube tray, Marvel, The Thing’s face, Hulk’s fist, Captain America‘s shield, Iron Man‘s face, item #09922, barcode 674449099224 (EV:$7.43)

* $FREE: toy, Marvel Spider-Man Adventures, Playskool Heroes, Spider-Man & Lizard (NRFB) (EV:$12.42)

* $FREE: stickers, cars, 13 stickers (EV:$1.64)

* $FREE: dishwasher cages (4), 2 white: 9×6.5×5" and do not have a middle insert, 2 white with blue insert: 9×5.5×4.5" (EV:$23.96 ($5.99 each))

* $FREE: poster, Star Trek Beyond (EV:$13.35)

* $FREE: figure, The Fifth Element, Korben Dallas, Reaction Figures, 2015, 3.75", 5 moveable joints (EV:$7.49). We have the figure and the backing to the package.

* $FREE: figure, The Fifth Element, Leeloo (straps costume), Reaction Figures, 2015, 3.75", 5 moveable joints (NRFB) (EV:$7.95)

* $FREE: note book, Comic Note Book, 64 pages, barcode 81422904479 (NRFB) (EV:$3.39)

* $FREE: canvas (2), Spider-Man, Spider Sense, Canvas Art, 9.75" (shrinkwrapped) (EV:$20.42 ($10.21 each))

* $FREE: ball, bouncy, The Hulk, Headstrom, A1355, ~4.5" (EV:$6.99)

* $FREE: puzzle, Thomas & Friends, Ravensburger, 3×2′ (EV:$8.97)

* $FREE: trivia box, Star Wars, Cardinal,60401ary, code LIV-STW, SKU: 118-2686, barcode 047754188028(EV:$2.59)

* $FREE: metal tin, mailbox shaped, Avengers Tin Mail Box (EV:$2.97 price tag)

* $FREE: toy, Iron Man, beanbag hands, 5.5×8 (EV:$7.12)

* $FREE: toy (2), Peanuts, Charlie Brown, 2015, McDonald’s, talking, 4×2.25" (EV:$$7.48 ($3.74 each))

* $FREE: canvas (1), Spider-Man, Spider Sense, 15.75×11.625" (EV:$8.48)

* $FREE: place mat, Spider-Man, Spider Sense, 17×13.5", 3-D effect(EV:$4.15)

* $FREE: place mats (2), Avengers, 17.75×12" (EV:$5.67)

* $FREE: giant sticker activity pad, Marvel, 18602, 19×14" (EV:$12.95)

* $FREE: candle, red, American Greetings, (EV:$4.00 price tag)

* $FREE: toy, My Little Pony, Fluttershy, McDonald’s, hard mane, real tail, 2.375×2.75" (EV:$4.24)

* $FREE: toothbrush, travel, blue (EV:$0.97)

* $FREE: trains, Thomas The Train, blue, wood and plastic, wheels (EV:$0.29)

* $FREE: toy, Darth Vader, 8 movable joints, waist twisting action, 4.25×2" (EV:$2.38). Ours is missing the light saber.

* $FREE: Pez dispenser, Superman, (EV:$2.99)

* $FREE: collectible metal pin, Marvel, Hydra symbal, EFX Collectibles (EV:$3.66)

* $FREE: candle, gray, Pacifica, Moroccan chamomile apple 3×6" (EV:$3.90)

* $FREE: action figure, Wolverine, 2.5", 4 movable joints (EV:$5.00). Ours is not exactly like this one.

* $FREE: Iron Man, Flying RC Extreme Hero, foam airplane, EB Brands, item number: mv7170im (EV:$19.99, but I’m going to only say $5.00 because ours is in bad shape and doesn’t have the remote.)
By Clio CJS on 2017-06-04 11:28:26

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about VIZIO D-Series 60″ Class (60″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – D60-F3?

  1. 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great tv, September 14, 2018

    By Ron Hanko

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: VIZIO D-Series 60″ Class (60″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – D60-F3 (Electronics)

    It took almost a month to get,but it is a great TV

  2. 34 of 34 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Incredible image quality!, September 17, 2018

    By Amazon Customer

    This review is from: VIZIO D-Series 60″ Class (60″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – D60-F3 (Electronics)

    Bought this TV as an upgrade from my Philips 65″ 4k tv(it was having some issues). And honestly I could not be happier with this purchase. The image quality is incredible, like seriously incredible. I find myself spending my entire days off in front of the TV just watching movies and drooling over how good they look on here. I’m sure how the sound quality is on this, I have mine hooked up to my home theater system. Setup is a breeze with this. I got mine out of the box, up on the entertainment center, setup and the update completed in under 20 minutes for all of it. I would highly suggest this TV to anyone, especially if you are like me and just looking for good picture quality.

  3. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Good tv, October 31, 2018

    By thomas gleason

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: VIZIO D-Series 60″ Class (60″ Diag.) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV – D60-F3 (Electronics)

    Good tv for price

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