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Peerless ST650P Tilt Wall Mount for 39 to 75-inch Displays, Black

Product Description
The SmartMount for 37 to 75-inch flat panel screens provides a versatile and secure solution for professional environments such as boardrooms, hotels and stadiums. This mount offers smooth, continuous one touch tilt, allowing for easy adjustment to achieve the perfect viewing angle without tools. The mount includes simple to align universal brackets and a unique wall plate that can be mounted to two wood studs up to 24″ apart, concrete, cinder block or two metal studs (accessory required). For easy installation the mount is preassembled and includes a Sorted-For-You™ baffle pack with all screen hardware and security fasteners.

Price: $63.69

  • One-touch tilt allows tilt adjustment of +15°/-5° without the use of tools
  • Optional horizontal adjustment of up to 12″ (depending on screen model)
  • Weight capacity: 150 lbs
  • Desired tilt angle can be locked in place if needed
  • Comes with additional brackets to accommodate screens with a built-in curve or component box on the back

shex mehmod hafid selemani kurdistan
Abdul Rahman Ghassemlo (Doctor Ebdulrehman Qasimlo) – Before this PDKI Secretary General, Peace Nobel Prize candidate, died in 1989

Aziz Yildirim – Club president for Fenerbahce Spor in Turkey and has roots from aMed.

Ahmad Hardi – Author and poet from Suleymani with his famous work "The Secret of Solitude", died in 2006

Abdullah Goran – Kurdish poet, died in 1962

Abdullah Öcalan – Founder and former leader of the PKK in 1999 fänglsades and currently sits on the Imrali prison

Abdul Rahman Mustafa – Guvenör in Kirkuk in southern Kurdistan

Abdul Melike celebrated – Grandson to shex Seid, resigned as leader of his party HAK-Par. Hookworm couple a party that has close relations with PSK under the control of Kemal Burkay and who is known for its strong hatred against the PKK and Ocalan foremost. Abdul Melike celebrated is known as one of the then Turkish President Süleyman Demirel closest collaborators, but left the party Demirel said when he bought his own.

Ahmet Kaya – Artist from Malatya, which was forced into exile in 1999 for his political views to France. Ahmet is one of the artists who came to be a legend in Turkey, Died 2000.

Amir Hassanpour – Author and researcher blah wrote "The Making of Kurdish Identity: Pre-20th Century Historical and Literary
Discourse, in Essays on the Origins of Kurdish Nationalism "

Ali Akbar Moradi – Composer and musician from eastern Kurdistan, which occurs throughout the world like London, San Francisco etc with
bla works as "In The Mirror Of The Sky"

Azad Azadpour – Artist name Azad, one of the major rappers in Germany as bla recorded with Şivan Perwer, Nassir Rezzazi and Akon.

Ayse San – Artist from northern Kurdistan known for its air

Barham Ahmad Salih – Politicians in Iraq as part of the Kurdish Alliance

Bahman Ghobadi – Kurdish film director lives in eastern Kurdistan with many famous works and idasg regarded as a living legend

Benazir Bhutto – Pakistan’s female prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu, Heb. בנימין נתניהו, born October 21 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel, is an Israeli politician belonging to Likud. Prime Minister 1996-1999.

Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel’s defense minister in 2002-2003 and 2003-2005 and for the Likud party between 1993 and 1999. Has its roots from Mahabad.

Bob Dylan – Kurdish Jew grandmother from Qers (Kars), one of the greatest living artists in contemporary Western music history

Cankurd – Author and Poet from the north-eastern Syria

Cegerxwîn – Poet, writer, journalist, historian, lexicografiker and nationalist is one of the most famous poets of Kurdish history, the death of 1984

Cemil Bayek – One of PKKs founder who became Öcalan’s successor

Chopy – Female artist from southern Kurdistan with the album as "Cit NAW binem"

Darin Zanyar – Established artist who won bla Rockbjörnen in the category of best male artist, and this year’s Kurds.

Diyar – Artist from northern Kurdistan with known songs as "Daye"

Della (Delkash Murad) – Fashion designers in traditional Kurdish clothes. Has won major prizes in design and innovation.

Devrim Mavi – journalist, spokesperson for the Feminist Initiative

Devlet Bacheli – Party leader of the facistiska MHP. He is a Kurd from the town of Siverek. MHP is known as an ultra-nationalist Turkish party and is incredibly hostile to Kurds

Dilnarin "Dee" Demirbag – dancers to bla e-type and model.

Dilsen Demirbag-Stone – author and freelance journalist

Dilbahar "DILBER" Demirbag – established singer in sweden

Emine Onatli – Journalist from northern Kurdistan, which bla writes for Aftonbladet

Evin Rubar – documentary filmmaker and Journalist

Fehriye Erdal – Political active Marxist-Leninist

Ferhat tunc – Artist as bla was one of the 135 artists who showed Roj-TV their support when they tried to sabotage their activities.

Feleknas Uca – Female politicians in Germany, which experienced the foot of Parliament at 22 years of age
Celebrated Cewerî – author, translator and journalist who blah translated books Henning Mankell has written to the Kurdish

Gulistan Perwer – Artist, formerly married to Şivan Perwer. One of the main Kurdish artists who also has a son Serxwebun with Sivan.

Gulan Avci – integration coordinator for the Liberal Party in Stockholm. She sits in the Stockholm City for the Liberal Party.

Hawar Mulla Mohammed – Mittfältare in the Iraqi football team and is ranked the nation’s best soccer player

Hefsa Xan Neqib – Provincial leaders in Halabce
Hesen Derzi – Artist from northern Kurdistan

Hesen Zîrek – One of the major Kurdish artist, with a large number of recorded tracks from eastern Kurdistan, the death of 1972

Cheerleading (Abdurrahman Sharafkandi / Hazhar) – Author, poet, linguist and translator, died in 1990
Hemin (Seyed Mohammad Amin Shaikholislami Mukri) – Poet, journalist, translator and critic of works blah Tarik û run, death in 1986

Hozan Serhs – Artist with his most famous song "Hewler"

Husein Muhammad – Author and interpreter who is now Chief Editor of Kovar Mehname
Hülya Avşar – known singer and artist who is very famous in Turkey.

Hoshyar Zebari – Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq and the former spokesman for the KDP

Ibrahim Ahmad – Author, novellist and translators from southern Kurdistan, the death of 2000

İbrahim Tatlıses – Kurdish artist who today is Turkey’s biggest artist and known throughout the Orient

Idris Barzani – Kurdish politicians in southern Kurdistan, the son of Mustafa Barzani and the brother of Massoud Barzani. Died in 1987

İhsan Nuri Pasha – Ararat movement’s General during Agiri uprisings

Ilyas Salman – Actors from Malatya, which today plays into films with over 100 films hittils recorded.

Jay Jonroy – the director behind the film David & Leyla dealing with a Kurdish woman who meets a jew man.

Jamil Rostami – Film director from eastern Kurdistan

Jalal Talabani – Iraq’s president who was formerly leader of the PUK in southern Kurdistan

Khaled Salih – Political scientist, moved from Sweden after receiving the post of the Kurdish government’s official spokesman

Kurd Maverick – Techno Dj / Producer

Kurdo Baksi is a Swedish society debater and author of Kurdish påbrå.
He is the brother of the Socialist politician Nalin Pekgul.

Levent Ülgen – Actors from Konya as blah as Kadir involved in the series, "A Son Babalar Duyar"

Leyla Qasim – Women’s National martyr who was executed for being an activist, died in 1974

Leyla Zana – activist who was jailed for 10 years in northern Kurdistan and became a great role model

Mahmut Baksi – a writer who lived in Sweden for most of his life. Rear wrote a large number of books in Kurdish, Swedish and Turkish.
He also did radio shows and children’s, he also produced movies and music, was a member of Sweden
immigrant writers union and the Swedish Journalists.

Mama Rish – Legendary peshmerge soldier who became a role model and a true champion, died in 1985

Mahsmum Kirmizigul – Artist of the turkey and be seen as İbrahim Tatlıses rival.

Massoud Barzani – the first president of the autonomous Kurdish government in Southern Kurdistan. Brother of Idris Barzani and the son of Mustafa Barzani

Mazlum Dogan – one of the PKK’s founder, kills himself in protest against Turkey, the death of 1982

Mehdi Oguzsoy – Left Party, sits in the municipal council.

Merziye Feriqi – She is considered to be history’s largest Kurdish bla artist with background as Peshmerge, died in 2005

Meyremxan – Artist from northern Kurdistan with known songs as "Hay BERD" and "Dotmam ‘death in 1974

Mehmed Uzun – Author and novellist from northern Kurdistan, which currently has cancer and return to Kurdistan from Stockholm

Mehdi Zana – Political activist blah served 16 years in Turkish prison, married to Leyla Zana

Mistefa Hijri – PDKI Secretary-General from Eastern Kurdistan

Mozafar Partomah – Professor highly ranked within NASA who also wrote a book on the Kurdish part of Iran, Mozafar was also the adviser to the first Kurdish guvenören in Iran Ibrahim Yonesi.

Mustefa Shalmashi – author, activist who now resides in Holland

Mustafa Can – was awarded the Great Journalist Prize in 2002 as the year narrators. Debut novel "Close next days" and
are often involved in radio and television connection.

Muhammad Mamle – Musician and artist who renewed 100tals old folklore, died in 1999

Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand – Kurdish activist and journalist from East Kurdistan

Mohammad Ghazi – Author and translator who wrote nearly 70 books, died in 1998
Mujtaba Mirza – Composer known for his melody with Hesen Zirek

Mustafa Barzani – Kurdish nationalist leader and leader of the KDP, which is seen as legend by many, the father of Massoud Barzani and Idris Barzani and grandfather of
Nechervan Idris Barzani, the death of 1979

Nabil Abdul Fattah – American rapper of Lebanese-Kurdish origin and columnist

Nalin Pekgul – politician (Social Democrat), a nurse, a member of parliament 1994-2002;
President of the Swedish Social Democratic Women since 2002.

Naser Rezazi – Artist, which today is one of the Kurdish living legends who was married to Merzia Fariqi before she died

Nawshirwan Mustafa – Politicians in the south of Kurdistan and is seen as a pioneer in the PUK

Nechervan Idris Barzani – Prime Minister of the autonomous Kurdish government in the south of Kurdistan, son of Idris Barzani, nephew of Massoud Barzani and
grandson of Mustafa Barzani

NIMA Sanandaji – president of the think tank Captus and the editor of Captus Tidning. He is a graduate student in biochemistry at Cambridge University.

Nisti Sterke – actor and comedian

Omar Heme Sur – Leaders of the revolt Sardasht during the 1900s

Omid Kordestani – senior vice president, global sales and business development at Google.com

Osman Baydemir – aMed (Diyarbakir) mayor and former lawyer for Abdullah Öcalan. Osman is one of the most accused the Kurds of Turkish courts because of their political interest.

Peshewa Qazi Mehemd – First Kurdish In the Presskit Ethylene in the short-lived Republic of Mahabad in eastern Kurdistan, the death of 1947

Rauf Rashid Abd al-Rahman – Lawyer in Iraq who replaced Rizgar Mohammed Amin after his resignation during the ongoing trial of Saddam

Rizgar Mohammed Amin – Iraqi lawyer who led the trial of Saddam Hussein until he submitted his resignation

Roya Toloui – Female journalist, activist and feminist by eastern Kurdistan

Taha Berwari – President and Founder of KRG Sweden and through the organized Kurdish gala.

Sami Abdulla Rahman – Worked in the KDP in several deciener and Deputy Prime Minister of KRG died along with his son in the terrorist attack in Hewler where about 100 persons lost their lives. He created his own party called Partiya Gel, but put it down and joined the KDP.

Shan Kagan Atci – American Kurdish STAND-UP COMEDIAN best known from Stockholm Live

Sakina Cihan Madona – writer and columnist in the Stockholm City. He has previously including Federal board member of Liberal Youth.

Said Ali Asgar Kurdistan – Artist, known for being the first Kurdish artist who recorded their music for nearly 100 years ago

Sadeq Sherefkendi (Doctor), former PDKI generalskreterare

Shahrzad Mojab – Researcher and author who wrote bla "Violence in the Name of Honor," a resident of eastern Kurdistan

Sharam Nazeri – One of the best and most famous singers in Iran’s classical music history but has also sung a lot in Kurdish. Sharam derived from Kermanshah.

Siamand Jaffe – Artists Kurdish

Şivan Perwer – Today’s leading Kurdish artist involved with music for over 30 years with the masterpiece as Ki ne Em (1979) and Herne Pes (1977)

Selah Muhtedi-Secretary General of the Komala Party of Iran in eastern Kurdistan

Serhado – Kurdish hip-hop artist from one of Stockholm suburb

Shex Said Piran – Kurdish leaders in 1925 in northern Kurdistan

Shami Kirmashani – Poet from eastern Kurdistan

Smko – Kurdish leaders in the early 1900s

Stephan Smith – Partially Kurd, Artist and politically active

Soraya Serajeddini – Women’s activist from eastern Kurdistan, which bla students from all over the United States, the death of 2006

Sohrab Darisirio – Kurdish designer from eastern Kurdistan who now resides in Norway

Zakaria – Artist from Southern Kurdistan, which today resides in Sweden with well-known albums as "Daye"

Zanyar Adami – from the Iranian part of Kurdistan, American-Kurdish journalist,
best known as editor in chief and founder of the magazine Gringo.

Xanzadi Sorana – Provincial leaders in Rawanduz

Xelîl Duhokî – Poet from Southern Kurdistan

Yaşar Kemal – One of the major Kurdish authors who wrote masterpieces as bla "Let Tistlarna burn"

Yitzhak Mordechai – Before The Israeli general who later became Israel’s Defense Minister but retired in 2000 and has roots
from Southern Kurdistan

Yitzhak Rabin – Israeli politicians of the Labor Party and was Israel’s prime minister 1974-1977 and 1992-1995 with roots from Bokan, the death of 1995

Yilmaz Guney – Kurdish famous film director, scene artist, novelist and actor who created the masterpiece "Yol", died in 1984

Wiriya Rawenduzy – Well-known doctor from Austria who saved the terrorist Hans-Joachim Klein life after he took OPEC oil ministers hostage.

Özcan Deniz – Musicians with roots from Agiri with albums such as "Beyaz Kelebegim"

Özz Loran Ceko Nûjen – STAND-UP COMEDIAN, writer and program director. Best known from Stockholm Live and "Bobo and Özz makes radio
By Kurdistan Photo كوردستان on 2008-07-05 23:44:28

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  2. Bobby Zimmerman…a Kurd…wow

  3. Dylan, Chronicles, Volume One, pp. 92–93. My grandmother’s ancestors had been from Constantinople. As a teenager, I used to sing the Ritchie Valens song "In a Turkish Town" with the lines in it about the "mystery Turks and the stars above," and it seemed to suit me more than "La Bamba," the song of Ritchie’s that everybody else sang and I never knew why.


    His paternal grandparents, Zigman and Anna Zimmerman, emigrated from Odessa in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine) to the United States following the anti-Semitic pogroms of 1905. His mother’s maternal grandparents, Benjamin and Lybba Edelstein, were Lithuanian Jews who arrived in the United States in 1902. In his autobiography Chronicles: Volume One, Dylan writes that his paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Kyrgyz and her family originated from Istanbul.

    The Kyrgyz (also spelled Kirgiz, Kirghiz) are a Turkic ethnic group found primarily in Kyrgyzstan.


  4. Many of them are not kurdish…
    Also i did not see ismet inonu and turgut ozal on the list? Y?

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