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iPhone Charger Vipfan 3Pack 2X3ft, 1X6ft 8 Pin Lightning Cable to USB Charging Cord for iPhone X/8/8Plus/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5/5S/5C/SE/iPad and iPod (White)

Product Description
VIPFAN iPhone Lightning Charging Cable

Save Your Time
In order to improve the perfromance of the cable, we spent 8 months for testing and experimentation.
With 5V, 2.4A output and 53 thick copper wires, this iPhone charger charges and data transmits up to 40% faster than normal cables.
Never wasting your time on charging your iPhone.

Extra Length Choices
3ft charging cable might be too short sometimes. Thus, we provide you with an extra 6ft one for convenience.
You can fit the 3ft cord at work or on car and the 6ft for bed time.

Safe and Secure
This charging cord for iPhone contains intelligent chipset that will control charging temperature and voltage.
It will protect your iPhone from over charging or over heat.
Charging your iPhone with stable current and extending the battery life.

Compatible Devices:
iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE,
iPhone6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus,
iPhone 7, 7 Plus,
iPhone 8, 8 plus,
iPhone X
iPod Nano 7, iPod Touch 5,
iPad 4, iPad5, iPad Air, iPad Air 2,
iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, iPad Mini 2,
iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 4

Worry Free Guarantee
We believe in the quality of our products. Therefore, we provide you with Lifetime Warranty and 30 days no question asked return or refund.

Package Includes:
2*3ft iPhone cable
1*6ft iPhone cable

Price: $9.99

  • FAST CHARGE — VIPFAN iPhone Lightning Charging Cable uses upgraded high-performance chipset and 108 copper wires to stabilize and accelerate charging speed up to 40% faster than normal iPhone charger.
  • SECURITY ASSURANCE — The iPhone Charger features intelligent temperature control and stable current control chipset to prevent overheat charging from fluctuating voltage. It will eliminate the threats for iPhone battery from over charging.
  • DURABLE DESIGN — The wire cord inside is made of premium hig-purity materials – tinned ground wires and thick deoxygen copper wires. The outer layer is made of environmental friendly TPE Hose, improving the durability of the lightning cable over 10,000 bending lifespan.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY — The lightning to USB charging cord supports IOS 8 9 10 11. It is compatible with iPhone X/8/8 Plus iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone6s/6s Plus, iPhone6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPad Pro, iPad Air 1/2, iPad mini 1/2/3, iPod nano7, iPod touch and other lightning port devices.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY — For every customer who purchases this iPhone cable from VIPFAN, we provide you with lifetime warranty and 30 days no question asked return or refund. If you have any complaints with the purchase, our 24/7 friendly customer service will solve all your problem.

Jogger on the beach #5 – Mar 20, 2015
On the one hand, scenes like this one are very common for the kind of photography that I do — especially when I’m doing “street photography” in a crowded urban setting like New York City. On the other hand, my long-suffering friends and followers on Flickr rarely see any of it; normally I just upload one photo for a particular “scene.”

When a lot of things are moving around, I typically take advantage of the “burst-mode” feature in my camera (which even a typical camera-phone has these days) to take half a dozen shots, sometimes a dozen, sometimes even more. In this case, I actually took two dozen photos of the woman as she jogged toward me, and then past me. Because of the relatively low light, the shutter speed on my camera was set at 1/200 second — which I thought would be fast enough to “freeze” the woman’s actions, but which turned out NOT to be fast enough to freeze the seagulls that flew in front of the camera in the second frame. And I wasn’t sure what would happen to the seagulls that were wheeling around overhead; they’re not quite as sharp as they could be, but I don’t think it matters.

Of more concern to me was that I had the aperture “wide open” at f/2.8 on the half-frame Sony RX-10 camera that I was using. Thus, I knew I would have a shallow depth-of-field, and the woman was jogging toward me at a fairly rapid pace; by taking two dozen separate shots, I simply hoped that at least one of them would be reasonably well-focused, even if the others were somewhat blurry. I wasn’t so concerned about the guy in the purple shirt in the background, and I really didn’t care about the foggy figure in the far background.

Even with the f/2.8 aperture, the light was low enough that my camera insisted on boosting the ISO up to 1250 (because I had “fixed” the shutter speed and aperture, ISO was the only “variable” that the camera could adjust in order to get a proper overall exposure). Even so, the resulting image was somewhat under-exposed, and since I shot all of these images in RAW, I was able to increase the exposure by 0.5EV.

The relatively high ISO meant that the resulting images were somewhat “noisy,” too, and I’ve used NoiseNinja to hide at least some of the noise. I also “sharpened” the resulting image, using the “sharpen” mechanism that’s available in Apple’s now-obsolete (grr!!) Aperture program.

Finally, a note about color-temperature. In some of the other photos in this Flickr set— especially where you could see the sun, and the colors of the dawn sky— I deliberately increased the color temperature from its normal setting (typically about 5,000 degrees K) up to 7,000 degrees; this produced the vivid orange and red hues on some of those images. But there was no point doing that on the images shown here, because it was a dark, foggy morning with no sun visible at all. So I left the color temperature alone…

So that’s what was going on, in terms of “post-processing.” I should have kept all of this a deep, dark, mysterious secret; and I should have chosen just *one* of the resulting images to upload to Flickr, so that you might think that I was a very clever photographer who had the natural skill to take a really great picture without any post-processing at all … but the veteran photographers looking at the result would almost certainly know that there was more to it than that….

And more importantly, I found that I simply could not choose just one, single image for uploading. I let the photos sit on my computer for a full month before I looked at them at all, in order to minimize the subjective bias that I might otherwise feel. And I did narrow the 24 original images to a a mere 5. But that’s the best I could do …

Of course, I have no idea who the woman is; she didn’t slow down, didn’t glance at me, and did not reappear on any of the subsequent mornings I was on the beach, during my final two weeks in Florida. The guy in the purple shirt, on the other hand, was out on the beach almost every morning — and I had photographed him on several other occasions. Indeed, one of the photos was even picked by Flickr as one of its “Explored!” choices for February 23, 2015. You can see it here on Flickr:


When I saw him again on subsequent mornings, I told him that he should look at Flickr to see a picture of himself; he always looked surprised, and somehow I don’t think he ever did take a look.

C’est la vie …


Easter is now well behind us and I’ve been back in NYC for a few weeks at this point…

I’ve managed to unpack my suitcases and get more-or-less caught up with the stuff that accumulated in my absence … but it was only a couple weeks ago that I was able to get back outside with my camera, to resume the "streets of New York" and "peeps in the ‘hood" street-photography projects that I carried out during much of 2013 and 2014.

Because I have a strong desire to let the photos sit untouched for a month before I start editing them (which involves far less discipline than the late Gary Winogrand, who apparently waited a full year before he got any of his film processed!), I won’t be able to inspect any of these street-photography shots until early May.

And that means I’ll have to spread out my remaining Florida sunrise shots, and probably upload only one or two new ones each day … unless some other photo project comes along in the next couple of weeks…

Meanwhile, I will continue uploading the old photos from my early childhood in separate batches. I’ll be finishing off a batch from the late 1940s tomorrow, before uploading some photos taken by my grandparents in the 1920s and 1930s, out in the American West.


I spent the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL in order to escape what turned out to be a really brutal winter in the Center of the Universe, as well as most of New England. I’m now back in NYC, but I still have a backlog of Florida shots to edit and upload.

On most of the mornings I was there, I manage to get up about an hour before sunrise every morning, and be out on the beach for a morning walk just as the sun peeked up above the horizon.

On the very first morning, and every morning thereafter, I noticed that I was not the only person on the beach. There were joggers and walkers out getting their exercise, and *lots* of fishermen casting their lines out into the surf. But down by the 5th Avenue boardwalk — where you can park your car and get a cup of coffee/latte/whatever from the local Starbucks — there were lots and lots of people who clearly came down here just to watch the sunrise. This was particularly true after the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, for we then "sprang forward" and celebrated the arrival of dawn about 7:30 AM, instead of 6:30-ish.

These are some of the morning scenes that I saw — the birds, the people, the long empty beaches, and the glorious sunrise…
By Ed Yourdon on 2015-03-20 07:16:05

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  1. Good shot showing focused determination.

  2. I’d say, 1/200 is a bit too slow to shoot moving objects; I’d start at 1/250-1/300. Also, you lens gave a lot of vignetting at f/2.8. Meaning, you probably had to go up to ISO 3200…

  3. walk dont run,,,

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