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iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming Computer Desktop PC Intel i7-9700k 8-Core 3.6 GHz, Geforce RTX 2070 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, Z370, Liquid Cooling, WiFi Ready, Windows 10, VR Ready (Trace 9230, Black)

Product Description
Experience outstanding high Performance from this intel-powered iBuyPower gaming desktop PC. Whether you are looking for intense gaming, entertainment, streaming, content creation, research, or multitasking, this desktop tower rig will take you there! Our gaming computers are packed with powerful processing power & latest graphics, you will be able to tackle on tasks & system intensive programs quickly and efficiently without any lag time. this iBuyPower desktop tower is powered by an Intel Core latest i7-9700k processor – Designed for performance and reliability. This ultra gaming desktop rig offers immersive graphics powered by NVIDIA’s Latest GeForce RTX 2070 8GB dedicated graphics card that will surely enhance your experience whether it is for your personal, gaming, or business needs. 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM will allow your PC to perform at fast optimal speeds with higher FPS in games. Experience with ease system-intensive applications and multitasking in streaming, video editing, or intense gaming. This computer comes with a 1TB 7200Rpm SATA III hard drive and 240GB SSD that provides ample storage for all your favorite games and content. Equip yourself with this powerful gaming desktop and enjoy most demanding and popular games on the market today! *all iBuyPower systems include 1-year parts warranty. *lifetime technical support – Our exceptional support connects our customers to our dedicated customer service specialists and top-notch support technicians who are experts in their field. average FPS at 1080P Ultra settings battlefield V: 112 average fps rainbow six Siege: 232 average fps the Witcher 3: 114 average fps total War: warhammer: 124 average fps hitman 2: 93 average fps monster hunter world: 92 average fps dragon quest Xi: 174 average fps system: processor: Intel Core i7-9700k 8-core processor 3. 6 GHz (4. 9 GHz max Turbo) overclockable graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB dedicated graphics card VR ready memory: 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 ram hard disk: 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive ssd: 240GB solid state drive power supply: 600 watts power supply operating system Windows 10 Professional 64-bit

Price: $1,599.00

  • System: Intel Core i7-9700k 8-Core Processor 3. 6 GHz (4. 9 GHz Max Turbo) | Intel Z370 Express Chipset | 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM | 1TB 7200Rpm HDD | 240GB SSD | Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit high-end
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB Dedicated Gaming Video Card | VR Ready | Display Connectors: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI | play your favorite games on ultra!
  • Connectivity: 5 x USB 3. 1 | 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | Audio: 7. 1 Ch. HD Audio | 802. 11AC Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Ready
  • Special Add-Ons: iBuyPower signature trace Tempered glass RGB Gaming Case | Liquid Cooled | 802. 11AC Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Ready | Free iBuyPower Gaming Keyboard & Mouse
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor + Free Lifetime Tech Support | Assembled in the U. S. A

Asus, Canon and Sony (** Explored)
An interior shot of a local computer mall that’s not far from my home. I’ve bought lenses and accessories from the camera retailer in the background check and an Xperia smartphone from the kiosk at the center.
Canon is my preferred camera brand, Asus for desktop PC components, tablets and laptops and Sony for smartphones and flat screen TVs. ☺
By stratman² (busy-taking care of Joey) on 2014-10-10 20:24:24

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

What customers say about iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming Computer Desktop PC Intel i7-9700k 8-Core 3.6 GHz, Geforce RTX 2070 8GB, 16GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, Z370, Liquid Cooling, WiFi Ready, Windows 10, VR Ready (Trace 9230, Black)?

  1. Thank you [https://www.flickr.com/photos/97985151@N06] for the comments! I had no idea this got into Flickr’s Explore until you told me about it. 🙂

  2. 251 of 270 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing Price. Awesome PC., October 20, 2017

    By Kat (ELK GROVE, CA, US)

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: iBUYPOWER Ultra Gaming PC Computer Desktop AM900Z – Intel i7-7700K 4.2GHz Processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB 7200RPM Hard Disk Drive, 240GB Solid State Drive, WIFI USB Adapter, Win 10 Home, Gaming desktop Computer PC (Personal Computers)

    Had you asked me a couple of years ago about buying prebuilt, I would never have even considered it. The cost was significantly higher than simply buying your own parts and building it yourself. But once I saw the specs of this machine, I couldn’t believe how well priced it was. I went ahead and added to the best of my ability the same build onto pcpartpicker (case, keyboard and mouse are unique to iBuyPower, but there’s decent substitutes for them, e.g. NZXT S340) and as of today, it’s identical in price, if not in fact cheaper to buy this desktop. I have no idea how these guys turn a profit. In any case, I finally caved. I had to have this, and I’m absolutely thrilled with what I got.

    Here is exactly what is included from what I was able to view from a quick glance over:

    OS: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
    CPU: Intel Core I7-7700k 4.2GHz Quad Processor
    CPU Cooler: Deepcool GAMMAXX 300 R
    Motherboard: AsRock B250M Pro4-IB Micro-ATX LG1151
    RAM: ADATA XPG Z1 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400MHz
    GPU: Asus – GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Dual Series Video Card
    Western Digital – Green 240GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive
    Western Digital – Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
    Wi-Fi Adapter: AC600 WLAN USB (Unsure of exact brand)
    Case: iBuyPower Slate Gaming Tower (2x Side Glass Panel)
    Mouse: iBuyPower GMS5001 Gaming Mouse
    Keyboard: iBuyPower Ares E1 Membrane Gaming Keyboard

    Power supply is the one thing I haven’t attempted to verify as it’s concealed quite well by the case covering and wires, but I can assume based on the power consumption of the build and other reviews that it’s some generic brand PSU, anywhere between 350W-600W. I’ll update if I ever decide to take a peek.

    The case is really solid. Black with red LED lights on the fans and front panel of the case. Has 2 dark tinted glass panels that are easily removed by hand for easy access to hardware. RGB case lighting with up to 16 colors that can be controlled via remote can illuminate the motherboard, giving you a great view of your PC in action, or just additional eye candy. Can be turned off if not your thing.

    On startup, SSD booted immediately to Windows 10. No issues experienced in comparison to other reviews. No bloatware of any kind aside from the usual Windows games and apps, so that’s very much appreciated. The few games I installed on the SSD as opposed to the HDD load incredibly fast. Multi-tasking is seamless with no hiccups. Can easily alt-tab in and out of games and browse the web/youtube without much slow down, if any.

    Game performance is fantastic at 1080p. With some tweaking, RIse of the Tomb Raider, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, GTA V, and Witcher 3 all run flawlessly at 60 fps, all settings either Ultra or High. Any game you throw at this should run amazingly well and look good doing it. (Unless it’s poorly optimized like Ark: Survival Evolved) I do not own a 4K or 1440p monitor, so I can’t speak for performance at those resolutions.

    Air flow is great due to nice open space. (Great cable management does wonders.) Fans are pretty quiet and never get too loud. CPU and GPU temps are pretty good for being air cooled. CPU idles at 37°C and typically stays around 45°C-60°C during play. GPU idles at 42°C and goes up to 65°C-70°C during intensive play.

    Overall, this is the PC I always wanted, but there are some issues if you’re ever looking to upgrade or make tweaks. Without liquid cooling, you’re limited with how much you can overclock your CPU while maintaining decent temps (I personally wouldn’t touch it. Stock speed is more than adequate). As for any hardware changes or additions, the motherboard is an upgrade bottleneck. There’s no room left on the motherboard to add a 2nd GPU from what I can tell, so don’t even think about SLI with this out of the box. The motherboard also only supports memory up to 2400 MHz, so you’d have to switch it out if you ever plan on upgrading and overclocking your RAM. One last personal gripe I have is that there’s no front bays of any kind to allow for CD or Bluray drives, so I won’t be able to add one like I initially planned.

    So here’s a TL;DR list:

    – Quiet
    – Clean and open space, which means good air flow
    – Fast boot and load times with SSD
    – Plays all games on Ultra/High settings, 60 fps at 1080p
    – Amazing price/performance ratio for a prebuilt gaming PC

    – Limited overclock potential without liquid cooling
    – No room for multi-GPU upgrade
    – Motherboard memory capped at 2400MHz, so no RAM overclocking
    – Motherboard is an upgrade bottleneck, so it must be replaced if you intend to address the previous 2 cons
    – No front bays for an additional CD/Bluray drive

    (Since I haven’t verified, I can’t claim whether or not you’ll need a new PSU if planning on GPU upgrades)…

    Read more

  3. Thank you [https://www.flickr.com/photos/jakubowscy/favorites/] and [https://www.flickr.com/photos/103780869@N08/favorites/] for the faves! 🙂

  4. 52 of 52 people found the following review helpful

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Mediocre value at sale price ($1350), terrible value at full price., November 26, 2018

    By Alex

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Desktop Trace 9220 Liquid Cooled Overclockable i7-8700K, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 8GB, Z370 Motherboard, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, AC WiFi, Win 10 64-bit, RGB Case, VR Ready (Personal Computers)

    Short story:
    If you’re not interested in reading this giant wall of text, for the sale price of $1350, the system specs are great. At $1550, the specs are what you’d expect in that price range if you built it yourself. At $1800, you’re wasting your money. But here’s the catch: while the specs you’re getting are excellent, the component quality is severely lacking. Again, specs aren’t everything if your PC is assembled with junk. It’s like slapping a Ferrari hood ornament on a Ford Pinto; are you actually getting what you paid for? Well, yes, but it isn’t what you wanted. After I began the return process, I ordered my own parts and reused an 850 watt PSU I had lying around. I paid roughly $1650 in total for everything, and those parts were all purchased AFTER Black Friday at full price for the most part. Better specs, significantly better quality, and my build benchmarks much, much higher than this pre-built PC did. Did my build cost a little extra? Sure. But most of that extra cost went in to buying some fancy lighting so I didn’t feel left out!

    So, lets say you do decide to purchase this pre-built PC for yourself or a family member as a present this Christmas. What should you expect? Again, the short story version: The keyboard and mouse are garbage and may be DOA. Expect to upgrade those. If you think you’re going to reach iBUYPOWER’s customer support, you’re kidding yourself. I still haven’t received an email from them that I sent three weeks ago. There’s two fans in the case and they’re both on the radiator. Take one off and stick it in the front of the case for intake. Better yet, throw them both away and buy something decent like a couple Corsair ML Pros. The AIO CPU cooler is off-brand and only a 120mm. I’d highly recommend tossing that and buying a 240 or 360mm AIO (or a Noctua NH-D15, if you want to skip AIOs entirely). Toss the RAM and buy something you can actually trust, too. Lastly, get rid of the ThermalTake PSU and look for a higher watt unit–the 850 watt unit I have from EVGA is excellent. Just remember that a cheap PSU can wipe out your whole system if it fails. Do not cheap out on it. In total, after buying this PC, you should expect to pay an additional $450 or so to replace the junk components. In other words, don’t buy this computer. If you really want a pre-built, head to a local PC store and ask them if they assemble computers. You’ll be happy you did.

    Here’s the system I built in this Trace 9220’s stead.
    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X
    MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z
    Intel i7-8700k
    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 8GB 3200MHz (x2)
    Cooler Master ML360R (plus an additional MF120R fan for rear exhaust)
    Corsair ML140 Pro (x2)
    ADATA SU800 SSD (256GB)
    WD Blue 1TB
    Corsair 460x case
    EVGA 850 B2
    Windows 10 Pro OEM (varies in price, but around $25 from third party websites).
    Again, the total for all of this ran around $1650, and the Corsair 460x even comes with three RGB fans up front that you can flip for about $90 with the included controller. Build your own PC or buy the parts and take it to a PC shop near you and they’ll put it together for you. I cannot stress this enough.

    Long story:
    Buyer beware: The first, second, and third photos are accurate. The other photos are not. The video is FAR from what you’ll be pulling out of the box.

    What’s inside? We’ve got an ASRock motherboard, and it does match the description. The RTX 2070 is a Gigabyte, so that’s solid as well. CPU is Intel, thermal paste was applied. The OS is installed on the SSD. And it’s downhill from there.

    The case fans? There’s one in the back in a push-pull configuration through the radiator which is connected to the heat sink on the CPU. Haven’t checked the brand on that fan, but the AIO cooler is off-brand. The other case fans? There aren’t any. Worth mentioning that the fan and AIO are not RGB as is shown in one of the photos; it’s a cheap looking white fan blowing through the radiator. You’re going to need a couple extra fans and a 3-pin splitter, so you’re looking at an extra $30 minimum there. Worth mentioning that there’s only one other fan header available on the board, so the splitter will be necessary if you’re adding more than one fan (and you should). Yes, the PC will operate just fine with the AIO and fan in the back, but the less airflow you have, the quicker your PC is going to wear out. Get some case fans for intake and stick them in the front of the case!

    The RAM sticks are 2666 DDR4 by Apacer, and they’re also very, very cheap looking. I looked them up online and could only find a couple distributors selling them in bulk. I couldn’t read anything on the websites as they were all in Russian. Expect to upgrade these, as they have the appearance of a bare-bones budget PC build.

    The PSU is a Thermaltake 80+ Smart Series 600w. Reviews on it look OK, but I replaced this immediately for an EVGA…

    Read more

  5. All you need is a nice noodle house and you don’t have to leave 🙂

  6. Congrats on Explore !
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
    "The Evidence"

  7. 181 of 182 people found the following review helpful

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great speed for great value – no thermal paste applied to CPU, November 26, 2017

    By Matt

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: iBUYPOWER Ultra Gaming PC Computer Desktop AM900Z – Intel i7-7700K 4.2GHz Processor, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB 7200RPM Hard Disk Drive, 240GB Solid State Drive, WIFI USB Adapter, Win 10 Home, Gaming desktop Computer PC (Personal Computers)

    Just got the PC today. Started up with no problem and everything is working great so far. Speeds are excellent as this was a significant upgrade over my previous build. The value for components in this build is unreal especially if you can nab it on sale.

    EDIT: I checked the temperatures and my CPU was hitting 100 degrees C while playing PUBG. I immediately turned off the PC and checked the CPU cooler. When I removed the cooler I discovered that there was no thermal paste applied. As a PC builder, I had some available which I applied and the computer ran at standard temps. However, if a user less familiar with PC builds had this problem, they may not notice an issue until it is too late. Just a warning that you may want to monitor the hardware temps during the first play throughs.

  8. [https://www.flickr.com/photos/dahaiz] Funny you should mention that, because there is a small restaurant that serves noodles (amongst other dishes) next to the main entrance to this mall! 😉

  9. Thank you [https://www.flickr.com/photos/pyan_photoku/favorites/], [https://www.flickr.com/photos/126233427@N03/favorites/] and [https://www.flickr.com/photos/dave_kr8/favorites/] for the favorites! 🙂

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