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AVerMedia Reside Gamer High definition two Full High definition 1080p 60 Document and Stream Multi-Card Assistance Reduced-Latency Pass-Via Genuine-Time Gameplay PCIe Ryzen Support (GC570)

Merchandise Description
The Stay Gamer HD2 is a PCIe capture card created for skilled YouTubers and Streamers. It documents and streams Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U or Nintendo Switch gameplay immediately to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Beam. The most current RECentral three Software gives live editing and customizable quality options for clipping and combing video in true-time buffering.

Price tag: $143.sixty nine

  • Stream and document Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U or Nintendo Switch and Personal computer gameplay in Full Hd 1080p60
  • Plug and engage in assistance for Windows (except Win7). Genuine-time gameplay with minimal latency HDMI move-by means of
  • Supports uncompressed video clip output for excellent image good quality and compressed movie output with reduced bandwidth need
  • Multi-card assistance. Use up to four cards on your gaming Laptop. AMD Ryzen Assistance
  • RECentral 3 – Help Reside Modifying, Customizable Quality Options, and Content material Overlay for Stream & Document.Windows ten / eight.1 (Assist UVC Protocol) Windows 7 Requires driver installation
  • two-calendar year warranty soon after registration at AVerMedia website

AMD Radeon RX 550-640SP-one
The Radeon RX 550 640SP is a graphics card by AMD, introduced in Oct 2017. Built on the 14 nm procedure, and primarily based on the Baffin graphics processor, in its Baffin LE variant, the card supports DirectX 12.. The Baffin graphics processor is an average sized chip with a die region of 123 mm² and three,000 million transistors. In contrast to the fully unlocked Radeon RX 460 1024SP, which utilizes the same GPU but has all 1024 shaders enabled, AMD has disabled some shading models on the Radeon RX 550 640SP to attain the product’s focus on shader rely. It characteristics 640 shading models, 40 texture mapping units and sixteen ROPs. AMD has put two,048 MB GDDR5 memory on the card, which are linked utilizing a 128-little bit memory interface. The GPU is running at a frequency of 1019 MHz, which can be boosted up to 1071 MHz, memory is working at 1500 MHz.

Becoming a dual-slot card, the AMD Radeon RX 550 640SP does not call for any added energy connector, its electricity attract is rated at 60 W maximum. Exhibit outputs include: 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort. Radeon RX 550 640SP is connected to the rest of the system utilizing a PCI-Categorical 3. x8 interface. The card actions 158 mm in length.

TechPowerUp — www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/radeon-rx-550-640sp.c3083
TechPowerUp — www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/sapphire-pulse-rx-550-4-gb….
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What customers say about AVerMedia Stay Gamer Hd 2 Complete Hd 1080p 60 Report and Stream Multi-Card Assist Reduced-Latency Go-Via Genuine-Time Gameplay PCIe Ryzen Assist (GC570)?

  1. 40 of 42 people found the following review helpful

    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Video Pass Thru is Outstanding — Recording Has A Few Glitches, November 15, 2017

    By OldnAchy

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, 4K Pass-Through, 4K Full HD 1080p60 USB Game Capture, Ultra Low Latency, Record, Stream, Plug & Play, Party Chat for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch (GC513) (Personal Computers)

    I was looking for an external gaming capture device that would “pass thru” video at 2160P (3840×2160) to take advantage of my XBOX ONE X and 4K monitor. Continuing to record at 1080P would be ok since 4K recordings take up much more space. I had been using the Elgato HD60 which had been working fine, but passed thru video is only at 1080P. The new Elgato 4K60 Pro unfortunately is an internal desktop card and not useful for my purposes. The Avio and Magwell devices are expensive and just unknown to me performance / reliability wise.
    I was going to wait for Elgato to produce an external capture device, then found about the Avermedia Live Gamer Plus 2 (LGP2) which records at 1080P and passes thru at 2160P. This device fit the bill exactly for what I wanted to do and at $200 was priced very reasonably – so I purchased one and have been using it for about a week.
     It definitely does pass thru video at 2160P (60hz) and XBOX ONE games output from my XBOX ONE X (like Destiny 2) look great when upscaled and XBOX ONE X enhanced games (like Halo 5 Guardians) look outstanding.
     The capture software – Avermedia RECentral 4 — is available from the Avermedia.com via download. Set up is simple. The device is plug and play and the capture software is ready to go with the defaults. Recording output, at 1080P in .mp4 format looks good.
     It also has a PC free recording mode (microSD card), although I haven’t tried that.
     The user’s guide is a simple 4 page document that provides minimal detail on set up and operation. There are no troubleshooting hints or FAQs in the document.
     There is absolutely no documentation, troubleshooting help or FAQ whatsoever online. This became an issue with me because I had issues with the so called headset and party chat functions on the device.
     The idea behind these functions is that one plugs in the headphone jack (3.5MM pin) into the headset port on the LGP2 port and a male to male 3.5MM pin cable plugged into the controller and the controller port on the device. Sounded simple but in reality it simply does not work as advertised:
    o One cannot set this up using a controller connected to a play and charge cable. Result is loud feedback. I found this out by looking at the FAQ of an earlier device (the 1080P LGP).
    o One cannot set this up using an elite XBOX controller with 3.5MM connection. No audio whatsoever results. Note audio is heard when using a regular controller. To get audio to the headset with the elite controller one must use the original headset adapter.
    o Even with audio coming thru the headset a video recorded with this setup results in absolutely NO audio, game or microphone. In fact the game does not recognize the microphone!9
    I seriously considered returning the LGP2 but then developed several work arounds in recording.
     If I am recording my solo game play, then I will use video editing software to create a final result with commentary either for a play thru or walk thru.
     If I am recording solo gameplay or multiplayer gameplay and do not require the other players’ voice audio then I can record with an external microphone (my laptop’s mic) to capture my voice.
     If I want to do a complete recording with all player’s voices then I can start a Mixer broadcast with all players in my party participating in chat. When the broadcast is finished and the saved video is rendered on Mixer, then I can download it to my laptop and go from there.
    So I plan to keep it and record with these work arounds and hopefully Elgato will develop an external capture device in the near future. My recommendation for this is tentative, given the apparent non-working function and necessary work arounds. If the chat function worked I would have given it one more star. Definitely not five because of the lack of documentation and troubleshooting help.

    Update: The LGP2 Plus does not pass thru all HDR (and other) criteria. When connected my XBOX ONE X does not recognize HDR for gaming and not all other HDR formats for other functions (like bluray play). It also does not recognize 4K at 50hz. When my XBOX ONE X is directly connected to my monitor all HDR and XBOX 4K options are available. I still get a slightly better picture when I select HDR on my monitor, but I wonder what it would be like if everything were passed through. Not enough to knock this down another star but worth noting.

  2. 27 of 27 people found the following review helpful

    2.0 out of 5 stars
    1440p Users BEWARE – Resolution not compatible, August 13, 2018

    By Clayton Otto

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus, 4K Pass-Through, 4K Full HD 1080p60 USB Game Capture, Ultra Low Latency, Record, Stream, Plug & Play, Party Chat for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch (GC513) (Personal Computers)

    I purchased this capture card to use with my 1440p gaming monitor. At the time, I was only streaming a regular Xbox One which could not go past 1080p. At the time, the card worked great. I recently upgraded to the Xbox One X and looked forward to utilizing my 1440p monitor to the fullest to find out this capture card will NOT pick up a 1440p signal. You can only use 1080p or 2160p (4K). They do not do a great job of saying that on the product description. IF you are using this for 4K or 1080p it is a very easy and high quality capture card. It was a simple plug and play with Stream Labs OBS. I ended up returning to upgrade to a card that could fit my needs. AverMedia/ Amazon, PLEASE update the product description to better detail that it is only 4K pass-through and not compatible with any resultions between… It would’ve saved me a lot of headache

  3. 14 of 14 people found the following review helpful

    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Audio issues and screen tearing/color artifacts galore., March 28, 2018

    By Corey Neal

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 Full HD 1080p 60 Record and Stream Multi-Card Support Low-Latency Pass-Through Real-Time Gameplay PCIe Ryzen Support (GC570) (Personal Computers)

    Extremely disappointing, the LGHD1 wasn’t perfect, but it actually worked properly, unlike this thing.

    I had hours of headaches trying to get this card working; first it was countless audio latency issues: garbled, scratchy audio that had nearly a second of latency when trying to capture with it using OBS Studio, Classic, REcentral 3 and 4, even tried OBS Studio and Classic without REcentral installed, I tried everything; different frequencies, bitrates, capturing nothing but the audio, setting up scenes with JUST the LGHD2 as a source, even set the audio capture device to the suggested LGHD Stream Engine Plugins for audio, no matter what I tried, issue persisted.

    The other Issue I had was the color artifacts/rainbow screen tear that the card displayed whenever a certain color spectrum was being captured, typically this usually just spanned the bottom of the screen, however, depending on the image displayed and how bright it was, this would intensify and sometimes cover the entire capture.

    Most of the time it wouldn’t do it, the effect will only happen only at specific angles; looking down on bright colors seemed to cause it the most, but so did dark things on warm bright backgrounds. I tried to remedy this in all ways I could imagine: changing color spaces, output settings for saturation/brightness/contrast/etc, setting output to defaults, using the normal Live Gamer HD 2 output or the LGHD Stream Engine video plugin,setting custom resolutions, trying different resolutions, different framerates, ensuring that all monitors and GPU’s were displaying using the same refresh rate, making sure settings in nVidia control panel wasn’t causing the issue, shutting off nVidia overlay, nothing worked, I did everything I could think of, like the audio issue, I even tried all different capturing programs, OBS Studio, OBS Classic, REcentral 3 and 4, again, even I tried it in OBS Studio and Classic without REcentral installed, different PC’s even, same issue persists.

    Regardless of the frequency of the video issue happening, it shouldn’t be happening at all, I never had this issue with the LGHD1 nor did I have the audio issues either, this card just doesn’t work, also, REcentral reported the firmware it had as being the latest right out of the box, which was a lie, as the software reported the first firmware release on the card, had to actually hunt the latest firmware down on the site and update that manually, and just to give the card the benefit of the doubt, after doing that, I tried everything above again; exact same results

    I cannot recommend against this card enough; a complete dud, very disappointing, was happy with my LGHD1 for years, it still works actually, this card on the other hand… I’m not even sure its working properly and I simply don’t have the time to try another.

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