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Apple Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6 & 6s – Retail Packaging – Charcoal Gray

Product Description
The Apple iPhone 6 and 6s Silicone Case was designed by the Apple designers who meticulously crafted the iPhone. The silicone form fits snugly over the volume buttons, Sleep/Wake button, and curves of iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 without adding bulk.

Price: $35.00

  • Lined with soft microfiber to help protect your iPhone.
  • On the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand.
  • 11 colors available

The clutter cluster that is my life
Pretty much everything that can be put into a pile and explain who I am somewhat…
Was tagged by three people:
jade .
<3JadeyLoves Davey<3

So to explain the stuff… 😛 Top left and spiraling in clockwise
1. Woodland and Desert covers for both seasons of uniforms the Marine Corps wears… I like desert more(summer)
2. Left Handed Gas Mask because I’m left handed… that’s there because I find myself always wearing it for training, ugugghgh
3. My computer… HP with Apple stickers on it haha…. yes thats flickr on my desktop
4. Favorite movie is Shaun of the Dead, no lie I have watched it over 100 times 🙂
5. EMPTY 50cal. ammunition box, got to shoot this weapon and it is scary how much damage it can do
6. My flak jacket, that thing has gone of 5 different deployments to 3 different countries 🙂
7. The golf tees because well, I golf…. as in golf I mean swing the club and try and play 😛
8. 150mW laser I love playing with, 60 mile beam and burns black plastic
9. All the money I’ve collected on journeys…. won(Korea), pesos(Philippines) , yen(Japan)
10. Pen art that I drew… bored as hell but I like the shadings and randomness of them
11. My snowboarding pants and goggles… I wouldn’t say I’m good but I know I’m not bad. I MISS SNOW
12. Ray Ban’s, japanese cell phone, american cell phone, and my iPod…. things to not live without now
13. XBox360 with sharpie…. got bored and had to color it 😛 funny part is other people had me draw on their’s once they saw mine
14. Marine Corps things: spear head from the year I joined the military, shooting badge, 2 fighter jet pilot patches, and coins I’ve gained… Korea AFB, Korean DMZ, Sergeant Major, Department of Defense, and Marine Corps Fire Fighter.

Behind the camera… ME :P, I’m wearing my converse shoes so not in photo, my Nikon D5000, and my messy MESSY room… torn apart getting all this into one pile. Favorite color is orange, hence my orange sheets.

By VanDerFoto on 2010-06-15 16:42:34

Wooww, nice product! I want to share this product!

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  1. Thank you… I would just call my life busy and getting there 😛

  2. Love your 14 points you wrote!!! 🙂
    i would love to go snowboarding one day… it would be awesome fun!!
    ipod, cell phone yes we do need them :):)
    Shaun of the Dead great movie!!
    you have alot of cool stuff kyle 😛
    great shot too! 🙂

  3. wow loadssss

  4. You are ready for a natural catastrof !

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  5. The firing line I was one was 4 50cal, 4 240G (7.62 round same as AK-47), and 15 249 SAWs…. we cut down a hill almost and lit the dirt on fire, I’ll have to try and post a video of it. Not sure which Army General said it but it has been quoted that one said "The safest place to be is behind the line of a platoon of Marines" 🙂

    Thank you for the comment Tony

  6. Thank you.

  7. Loving the spear head and ammo box!!

    I’ve shot .50 cals in pc games and I don’t thing I’d want to be within a mile of a real one!!

  8. cool shot!

  9. @JadeyLovesDavey<33 Not exactly… a lot of that isn’t even close to an American dollar… I have coins worth less than half a penny 😛

    @jade : Thank you, oddly I’m from a state with plenty of snow, but never snowboarded until Japan HAHA its great fun. I wouldn’t call it all cool stuff…. just a collection of junk that I like 😛 but if you say its cool… then cool 🙂 hehe.

  10. Never saw it that was but yeah 😛 I guess I am, thank you for the comment yopse

  11. that’s a nice composition and good description 🙂
    your life seems to be happening and fun

  12. cool :):)

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